“How to track a lost phone? I have lost my newly brought iPhone, and I have no idea how to find it. What should I do to get my phone back? ”

Recently, we got many queries like this from our readers who have lost their gadgets. To solve these problems, we have decided to come up with a complete guide on how to track a lost phone. Regardless of whether you have lost an Android or an iPhone, the good news here is that it can be easily tracked! While all you need is the right tool to help you locate it. Without wasting too much time, let’s explore and learn more about how a lost phone tracker works in detail.

3 Feasible Strategies to Find a Lost Phone

To help you out below is the extensive guide about how to locate a lost phone, we have gathered the 3 best solutions for your reference. Let’s have a closer look first.

Way 1: Give MLocator a Try

With a super accurate, real-time live location tracking function, MLocator is undoubtedly the simplest way to find a lost phone remotely across the globe – be it an Android or an iPhone even without having physical access to the target’s device. While all you need is a correct phone number and one click to get the accurate result in just a couple of minutes! The only premise is that you need to ensure that the location services are enabled on the phone and that the mobile devices must have a cellular connection. This phone number geolocator tool is of huge use especially when you have lost your phone. Why not give it a try? Below is how you can get the exact location of a cell phone without much effort.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to using MLocator:

  1. Key in the number of the device you wish to track. MLocator will detect if it can locate a device.
  2. When MLocator knows the location, you will need to create an account and buy a plan.
  3. After you have signed up for an account, you can check the device’s location at any time you like.

This easy way is highly effective if you wish to track a phone location or if you need to locate your lost smartphone. Most importantly, it doesn’t even require installing a location tracker on any device.

Way 2: Make Use of Native Services

If you use a Samsung phone, you can easily access to Samsung’s built-in device tracking feature and make the most of it to lock a phone remotely. Like Apple, Samsung also lets you disable your phone SIM card without touching the device, and you can also prevent the phone from being turned off. Next, you can take advantage of the inside feature to track the location of a lost phone and send you updates every 15 mins on a map. For this method to work, you can go and visit findmymobile.samsung.com to track a device.

Way 3: Use the IMEI Number

Since every smartphone comes with an IMEI number(International Equipment Identify), which is a unique 15-digit number that identifies each phone. So, once you have realized that you have lost your cell phone, the very first thing to do is to notify the authorities to get a document to show you have lost the device. Then, users can simply visit the Central Equipment Identify Register (CEIR) website and block a stolen or lost mobile phone using this portal or you can simply ask the phone carrier to do the job for you. When you found your phone, you can also unlock it in the same way.

By blocking a lost or stolen phone, the phone will be blacklisted and unable to connect to any network until it is unblocked. However, please kindly note that this service is currently only available for residents of Maharastra and Delhi, according to the CEIR site.

Can I Locate an Offline Lost Phone?

As you know by now, tracking a lost phone with the right methods mentioned above is easier than you think. However, tracking a dead phone is a little bit difficult as when a phone is off it will immediately stop communicating with nearby mobile towers. It also means that you still can track a lost phone through its last location by calling the service provider or through Google services.

Final Verdict

For anyone who needs to find a lost phone, we recommend you use MLocator. This is because it provides the exact and real-time location of the device. Also, by tracking the phone number location, you can easily track a phone and locate a lost phone. With so many fancy features, it is certainly a must-have tool that every user should try. Please feel free to drop your comments below and share this guide with your friends and family members to teach them how to track a lost phone right now!


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