Are you waiting for your next summer vacation or are you planning an important trip on the coming holiday? Thus, you’ve written down the lists of countries you wish to visit, booked your hotel and ticket, purchased a GPS phone tracker online, and started counting the days. But here comes the question, do you have confidence in your safety and security when you are far away? 

Don’t worry, as I’ am here to save you and show you the comprehensive travel guide on this post. Keep scrolling to find out more travel tips.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Travel Itinerary

Planning a journey sounds extremely excited but actually, we got a lot of work to do. There are plenty of things that need to be organized while booking a trip. First and foremost, we need to pick out and schedule our route for sightseeing. What’s more, if we are on a budget travel, expenses also need to be taken into account when doing the plan.

However, what can you do to create the perfect travel itinerary? Below are tips for creating the ideal travel route for the best adventure you could ever have!

1. Write down your wish list.

Everyone has their reasons for visiting a place or a country. For instance, you could be heading to Paris because you’ve heard that Eiffel Tower is well-known around the world. Or you plan your trip to Thailand since you’ve been longing for going to the beach and taking a walk there along the coastline for a long time. For whatever reason you are, please make sure that you know where you want to go. Note down a wish list as well as the reason for visiting every place can be of great fun.

Once you do so, start your trip by following the wish list can be much easier!

2. Set up a route and schedule.

You need to realize that destinations can be numerous but time is always limited. So, you have to make full use of your trip with every minute and second. To do so, you can leave a mark or make a circle on the destination on your map and connect them in geographical order. This is gonna help you calculate how long will take to go to each spot, as well as how long you can spend time on them. Or you can turn to the travel agency for help.

3. Google is the best.

There is nothing that can be better than Google since it can be a helpful tool when it comes to itinerary planning, but it ain’t the only tool you can use. With the increasing of availability the internet today, you can easily find out the same answers online by searching “places to go in China”. Instead, you’ll try a new way out and check the city’s tourist website you want to go in advance. You may also try to use a guidebook or check the local newspaper for interesting events once you arrived at the destination.

4. Bring along travel essentials.

Travel essentials like airline tickets, hotel booking, car rental information, travel brochure, you should keep in mind before you begin the trip. Take what you need for the day: maybe around a specific amount of cash and a credit card, and leave valuables at home. Try to keep a low profile and don’t wear flashy clothes that will attract others’ attention to you. It’s always a good thing to act and speak carefully when you are in other countries.

5. Invest in a GPS phone tracker.

GPS phone tracker is a good investment when you have your mobile device along with you. Ideal for travelers, this kind of location tracking software like MLocator will never let you down. It doesn’t take too much space on your phone memory since it requires no setup during the whole process. With it, you can track your lost or misplaced phone, or share your current time location with families and friends at any time and anywhere, even worldwide. However, you don’t have to worry about the cost, it only charges $ 0.99 within 24 hours if you want to check if it works well with your devices.

The Bottom-line

As far as I’m concerned, a guidebook is one of the must-have things you should be aware of, additional, travel technology like a GPS phone tracker and other online lookup tools to help update your whereabouts. If you want to stay in touch with families and friends, you can view the location-sharing blog articles on our website

Sincerely, we wish you good luck and have fun during your trip!


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