Nowadays, almost all of us own a smartphone, and we make full use of a cell phone not only in daily life but also in everyday life. However, have you ever realized that your smartphone tracks your whereabouts, covering the specific location you go to, how long you have been there, and even when you were there?

Luckily, you still got the chance to control your smartphone before it is too late. Well, in today’s post, we are going to share with you several simple steps to cut down the risk of your phone stealthily recording your whereabouts.

Easy Ways to Stop a Smartphone Tracking Your Every Move

As you already noticed, phone carriers and apps or software will track your cell phone location for various purposes. And, one of the main reasons why they track your phone is because they can earn money by sending target Ads to you.

Location service is also used to enable the GPS-based software with certain features, such as finding a place, providing directions, and offering routes when you are driving a car. In the next part, you can find out the ways to stop being tracked by your phone.

Way 1 – Adjust the location settings on your phone

You can prevent your iPhone or Android device from tracking you by turning off the location setting of your phone. The ” Frequent Locations” option is hidden inside the privacy settings, if you haven’t realized its existence, it will be hard for you to get rid of location tracking. Thus, once you have found this feature, do remember to turn it off according to the basic tips in the following.

Turn off location settings on iOS Devices:

  • Go to phone “Settings”;
  • Click on the “Privacy” option;
  • Choose “Location Services”;
  • Scroll down to “System Services”
  • Select “Significant Locations” to see the logged record and turn it off immediately.

If you are not an Apple user, try these below: 

  • Head to “Settings”;
  • Tap on the “Location” option;
  • Scroll down and tap “Google Location Settings”;
  • Click on the “Location Reporting” and “Location History” and switch them off;
  • Tap “Delete Location History” at the bottom of the screen to delete location information.

Way 2 – Check the online account on your phone

When you create a new account on the website, you are giving them the chance to access your personal information like location and preferences. What’s worse, they will track your every click and move, and your data will be used for targeted ads or related posts on their website.

If you do, please keep in mind that you should not allow or turn off the location tracking function every time you signed up for a new account. For example, Google and Microsoft, allow you to check your account information by visiting their privacy control option. By the way, Facebook also gives users the option to turn off the tracking feature from the web.

Way 3 – Check the permissions on your apps

It’s quite significant for you to check the permissions on your apps before you install them. There are times when apps will ask for more information than they need. And, the information they collect will be used in various ways, like advertising, tracking, disclosing, and more.

By regularly checking your app’s permissions, you will be able to stop apps from remotely spying and abusing your data.

Way 4 – Use a private browser on your device

It is always your right to use a private web browser to surf the internet. It allows you to search the internet on a mobile device anonymously and safely. Google’s Chrome and Microsoft Edge are what you can opt for.

They offer the incognito and InPrivate modes to you and you can use them if needed. Moreover, the market provides you with plenty of various options if you are not going to take my suggestion. It’s all up to your decision.

Way 5 – Use certified and verifies apps on your phone

If you have to track a phone, you can always opt for MLocator. It is well tested and trusted by millions of users around the globe. No apps or software are required to install on your devices.

Based on GPS technology, Wi-Fi connection, and cell tower triangulation, MLocator lets you track a cell phone with only a few clicks and within minutes. All you need to do is simply input the phone number on the search box and the system will automatically do the rest work for you. No risk, no hassle.

Ending Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, you found these simple ways to stop your smartphone from tracking your every move helpful! Do share with us if you have any better ideas that help to protect privacy with phones online.

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