Many people are spending time googling the way to determine someone’s whereabouts instantly. Can we track someone’s location through just a phone number? Can we receive the assumed reply in a few minutes?

Fortunately, developed and advanced technology has furnished us more approaches to determining someone’s location with our handset. We can view the real-time location of our beloved ones online with our devices without texting others anymore. Phone number tracker might be one of the easiest solutions to the problem. This post will support you with some phone number trackers. Let’s explore more details in this post!

Solution 1: Comprehensive phone number tracker mSpy

As a comprehensive phone number tracker for parental control tool, mSpy boasts a full range of functions that fit the bill of people. Not only can it help us track someone’s location, but also it allows us to view targets’ online activities. With staying hidden, we  will not be detected by the targets about our tracking activities.

Step by step to use mSpy:

  • Set up your mSpy account by using your own email. It will cost just a few minutes.
  • Select your propose and need. With multiply plans shown, mSpy must acknowledge your need and sort out the most suitable one.
  • Start your tracking and receiving information on your device. You just need log in mSpy and view the activities of the target.

As a comprehensive phone number tracker for parental control tool, mSpy delivers an all-round service and safeguard for your family life with an affordable price.

Solution 2: Free Cell Phone Tracker by Snoopza

Being a free phone number tracker, the versatility of Snoopza has attracted and impressed a large number of Android users. As it embraces many functions like call recording, phone location tracking, text messages and social media messages viewing, Internet monitoring and so on, Snoopza is a powerful solution to our problems.

  • Sign Up. Create a free online account with your email and any password.
  • Install app from your account on your kid’s or another target’s smartphone. It will take you only a few seconds and it need physical access to the target phone.
  • Log in. Log in to your online account to track the phone location, calls, messages, SMS, web history, screenshots and so on.

Although Snoopza offers free service to people, but it needs an installation on your phone, which might take up storage of your cellphone.

Solution 3: Innovative and ever-precise phone number tracker MLocator

We have talked about the free way to track someone location for Android users. So what if you are IOS or user of other mobile brands? Are there any ways to help us determine one’s location regardless of mobile brands and models? Here we select the most flexible and ever-precise phone number tracker MLocator. Let’s get started from its highlights:

  • Ever-accurate geolocation. The combination of GPS technology and WiFi connection intensify the accuracy of the geolocation.
  • Ease to use. Both beginners and professionals can use MLocator. You don’t have to be tech-savvy in this case.
  • Availability of all mobile brands and models. You mobile brands will not the obstacles to the solution.
  • No need of installation. Unlike Snoopza, the only requirement for you is to enter the phone number in the search box on MLocator and then you can let the system to finish the rest of work.

There are moments when we want to determine or track someone’s phone location. MLocator can be applied to arrive at different objectives. For example, we always make our children a top priority, wishing them to have a carefree and safe life journey. It is common for us to be longing for a strong sense of security in a relationship, wanting to accompany our partner even they might not be at our side. We are eager to ensure our employees’ loyalty to our company in case of the loss of profits of the company.

We can also tap into MLocator to track our lost and stolen phone. A cellphone number can help us locate our lost phone in a few minutes once the phone is turned on and connected to the Internet. Even we can’t trace our phone in this way, we can decide what to do for the next step rather than waiting anxiously.


To sum up, it is possible for us to determine someone’s location by cellphone number in 2022. MLocator is absolutely your ultimate phone number tracker, presenting you the most precise location of your target. If you want to discover how easy it is to use MLocator and probe into more features, you can head to Track Any Mobile by Number – Ease of Use & Quick Result (

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave your comments below!


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