Older generation envy us for our modern and advanced life. We enable high-tech devices to help us do chores and solve trivial things. However, we are also overloaded by the fast-pace working life. Therefore, I always enjoy every chance to go on a trip with my friend on the vacation, which can relieve our stress. There is no doubt that something must leave me a deep impression on me during the trip. When we went for the popular tourist destination, we sometimes separated by other visitors, causing another tricky issue—how can we found each other in the boundless huge crowd. This post we have concluded some tips for you to find your friends. Hope you can find it useful for your trip.

Tip 1: Hold hands with your friends or tie each other with a rope

Let ‘s start from the precaution measure. Before we go to the scenic spot with a great number of visitors, we can prepare a rope, binding tightly with each other like parents and kids. It is a very secure way for us unless the rope breaks. However, there might be a drawback in this way. You might become the focus of people. Another way works in a similar way but is low profile. Just hold hands with your friends and go sightseeing. These two ways can help you prevent from missing each other in the crowd.

Tip 2: Text messages or call each other

If you have been separated with your friends, you might be burning with anxiety and would like to find out the remedy to fix the plight. With your reliable friend in your hand, cellphone can help you find your friend. You text each other, sparing efforts to tell each other your real-time location, or you might choose take a photo. More directly, we might call each other to ”share” your location. These are common ways for you and friends to find each other in daily life. But I have experienced a more embarrassing situation. I looked for my friend worriedly, but she didn’t check her phone. Instead, she was immersed in the beautiful scenery. It was just too embarrassing and I am sure that it can’t be the best and quick way!

Tip 3: Software to share your real-time location

Progressive GPS technology makes real-time location tracking a reality in our daily life. On our social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, location sharing with friends have been more and more popular among people for its convenience. Just click on the specific icon and you can send your location to your friends. However, relatively poor accuracy might result in failure of your friend to get your precise location.

Location tracking apps can be another way. Google Maps has ever been my favorable option for its real-time location. It can definitely work well on my Android device after being downloaded and installed. Location sharing can be realized no matter where I am. Full features and easy access give me seamless experience. But you also have arrived at some preconditions before activating the software. You need to create a Google Account and install the app if it is not preinstalled on your phone.

Tip 4: Share your location without app installation

Later, I have explored a more easy-to-use and quick way to find my friend on the trip without software installation. I can just locate my friend via his/her cellphone number without waiting too long by MLocator.

I just need to head to the website and enter the cell phone number of my friend and the exact location of my friend will be showed on the map. What surprised me most is that it can be accurate to 5 meters, more precise than other cell phone locators that I have ever used. What’s more, it can be applied for different objectives. Aside from finding some real-time location, I am also grateful that it can help me find my lost phone as I always careless with my cellphone. If you want to know about details and functions of the tools, you can just head to https://www.mobilephonelocator.net/.


Next time when you are visiting a destination with a huge crowd, just look at this post and you will never go missing with your friends. If you have problems, please leave your question below!


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