Nearly all smartphone users at least once have given a thought to finding the location of their minor children, close friends, or spouse’s phone. Maybe you just want to help them retrieve a lost or stolen phone, or simply just wish to know where they are out of safety concerns. If you do,  we are happy to tell you that pinging a phone can help.

What Does Ping a Mobile Phone Stand for?

Simply put, pinging a device means knowing the availability or accessibility of the required device. Almost all the major operating system on the market supports this network utility. Modern mobile OS like Android and iOS also support this and pinging the phone usually means finding its location as well.

In technical terms, ping is a signal to the phone querying about its network location and the phone responds to the request with the required information. The ping technology utilizes the device’s GPS location to gain the required data.

Why People Ping a Phone?

The main purpose of using the ping utility is to track the location of a phone. But why a user will need to find the location of a phone? To answer this question, there are numerous legitimate reasons for that:

  • To find the location of a lost or stolen phone.
  • Keeping an eye on the kid’s or employee’s location.
  • Keep the people with the criminal record under check (only Law enforcement or government agencies are authorized to do it).
  • Used by spy apps to conduct remote monitoring activity. Kindly note: Keep in mind that spying on someone without their permission is illegal.

Note that you can ping a cell phone and find its location as long as you have the proper reasons to do so. But, here comes another question: how can you ping a cell phone? Just keep reading on.

Actionable Ways to Ping a Phone

Many of the phones do support the ping functionality, to ping these devices, you may need help from specialized apps on the phone to return the ping request. So, in this guide, we are going to introduce 3 different ways by which you can find how to ping a phone. All these options are trusted and reliable, but you have to be very careful when choosing the best provider, especially third-party systems. Now that you know what you can expect, let’s start exploring! 

1. Ping from MLocator

The MLocator – GPS locator is a great way to locate a mobile device by number without installing anything. It helps in giving you the precise location of the number you are searching for in just a couple of clicks and seconds! It works on a unique geolocation technology that tracks any phone number in a real-time location and delivers an exact result in an instant.

For tracking a phone’s location using MLocator, you can get the phone number location anywhere on the globe, and the map helps in easy navigation of the target phone. This is an ideal way that is affordable and also helps in tracking a lost phone or keeping your loved ones safe without a fuss.

2. Ping from a Computer

In terms of pinging a misplaced or stolen phone, you can also make the most use of the WiFi connection. To do this, all you need is a computer connected to the same WiFi network as the smartphone. Moreover, you should also know the IP address of the smartphone. Then, you can find the IP address for Android by going to Settings > About Phone > Status Information. If these conditions are not met, you cannot use this method to track its location.

You should be able to get the job done at this point. Then, you can look for the notification sound and locate the smartphone in a minute. But, this option is not available for iOS devices.

3. Use Phone Carrier’s Service

The last but not least, your cellular carrier is definitely the best way to handle the device’s location needs. The major carriers all offer tracking for phone numbers that are linked to your account, including Verizon’s Smart Family, AT&T’s Secure Family, and T-Mobile’s FamilyWhere. By using one, you can trace any phone on your account in real-time and see its location history as well. You can also set up these apps to let you know whether everyone’s where they’re supposed to be at a given time, and they usually offer other parenting tools such as content filtering. You may also be able to take advantage of these services to locate a lost or stolen phone.

Is It Possible to Ping a Phone with the Location Off?

No, you are unable to ping a phone with the location off. As you may know, most phone finder services are backed by location services. In most cases, they rely on Google Location and Apple Location services, in the case of Android and iOS, respectively.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. We believe that you must have found an effective way how to ping a phone and find the location. As you can see, we have gathered 3 different options to meet your various requirements. Now, it is your turn to choose the best one to do the job for you. If you think this article is helpful, do share it with your friends right away!


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