Have you ever given thought to track a phone? If you did, the good news here is that you are entirely capable of tracking a phone through Wi-Fi. However, the only premise is the phone has connected to any internet network, then it can be easily and quickly tracked. The tracking process is simple and high efficient for locating a phone. But you probably need more knowledge about how to use it. So, just keep on reading the rest of the post below.

How Does Wi-Fi Location Tracking Work Out Result?

Nowadays, mobile data such as Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation location tracking technologies have been widely used in tracking mobile devices. Most of the smartphones of this digital era make use of GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN Hotpots, and cell phone tower data to determine the accurate location of the device.

In fact, GPS technique and Wi-Fi connection play an important in the tracking process. The Wi-Fi sends the information about the tower to the GPS company and they help detect its location. When the GPS works, it scans all the nearest networks for data that are available to the public. Then, such data can be used to identify the network and the data then is saved online. Basically, this is how Wi-Fi location tracking operates.

How to Track A Device Location Using Wi-Fi Connection?

Now that you have already delivered a better understanding of how Wi-Fi tracking works, for your maximum convenience, we are here to recommend you 3 popular and effective ways to track a cell phone via a Wi-Fi network.

Track Location with 3rd Party Services Online

If you have made up your mind to try a third-party program to track the location of a mobile phone, then we would highly recommend you use the phone number tracking online service named MLocator.

This is an outstanding online platform with great tracking capabilities. As long as your device is connected to Wi-Fi and the GPS tracking service is on, then this powerful tool will analyze the location of your phone and quickly locate phone. And, you could get all the necessary location information you needed. Most importantly, you don’t even have to install anything to use this service as it simply works online and it will send you instant geolocation results when everything is ready.

What you can expect from MLocator, let’s check the key features of it below:

  • Skip off installation.
  • Worldwide positioning.
  • Ease of use web-based interface.
  • Muti-platform support

Track Location with Find My iPhone/Device

These days, most mobile brands have come up with their own tracking feature that allows a phone owner to track a lost device without effort. For example, if you are using an iPhone, then this service is called ” Find My iPhone”; If you are using an Android device, then this is named “Find My Device”. The only exception is that if you are using a Samsung mobile, then you may get familiar with the “Find My Mobile”. The interesting thing about these tracking procedures is that they have both similarities and differences from each other. So, you should better know these features very well before you use them.

Track Location with Built-in iPhone Settings

If you are not sure about using the methods mentioned above, don’t worry, we still have another way out for you to track a phone without any help. The trick to locating a phone is by using the built-in iPhone settings on your device. However, please kindly note that this particular method only works on iPhones. Why? Simply because iPhone comes with a feature that assists in recording all the significant locations your iPhone has visited before. Then, all these data will be further processed to make location-based suggestions. Therefore, if you are an iPhone user, then this “Significant location” feature will be of great use to you. But, keep in mind that it is required to be activated from the settings in advance.

Can I Track a Lost Phone That Is Dead or Offline?

Well, this is obviously a good question since we have discussed how to track a phone through Wi-Fi in this article, you must be also eager to know if it is possible to track a phone with a dead battery or without an internet connection. Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is no, and you can not track a mobile phone that is switched off. Instead, remember that to track a phone you have to make sure the phone must be on and connected to the internet.


We have made this post very clear to you, how the location tracking of a device works with Wi-Fi and there are also listed 3 options to track a lost device. You can easily find and use the location services provided by the brand of mobile device you are using right now. But the final goal here is to find a phone through Wi-Fi and we highly recommend you use MLocator to track a cell phone. This tracking tool is very simple but effective, everyone can take charge of it without needing any professional knowledge. Go for it!


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