Well, a SIM card in your cell phone is the one that builds a connection between the network service provider and your device. This also means that the calls and text messages made or received are all through your phone SIM card. At the same time, it manifests that the SIM card is an important storage element as well. It saves many and various information, such as phone numbers, contact lists, and much more.

There are times in life when and where we lose our phone and we try to trace where the phone is. In such a case, it is usually the case that the police station resorts to using the SIM card as the prime weapon to track a cell phone. So, in this write-up, we will teach you how to locate a phone by tracking SIM card location without the help of the crops.

How To Track A Cell Phone Through SIM Card?

A SIM card location tracker is an app that is helpful and useful to check the location of a targeted device by following the SIM card movement. To get the real-time SIM card location, you need to make sure that the target device is on, or, maybe you have to install a tracking app on the target’s device or simply navigate to the browser version.

In fact, in addition to the tacking app, there are also some other feasible methods for you to track cell phone through your SIM card below, take a look:

1. Call Your Cellphone

The very first thing you should do in case you have lost your phone is to call the cell phone. By doing so, you can check if someone answers your call and as soon as you call, the last known location will be stored on your SIM card.

2. Find The IMEI Number

Tracing phone location is not as hard as it sounds to be if you have followed what we said above. Another thing you need to do is get the IMEI number because this is also the one that will help you find the location. IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identify Number, is the unique number for every SIM card and it is usually offered by the Network service provider. You can easily locate the number from your SIM card box and take a lot of advantages of this number.

3. Reach Out To Network Service Provider

If you are attempting to trace the SIM card without the help of an official department, then please feel free to call the provider of your SIM card and provide them with your account details information. What’s more, do not forget to give them the IMEI number.

4. Ask For Help

As you follow all the described above, ask for help from the official to do the job for you. They will surely help trace your SIM card even if the card is changed by another on your smartphone. However, with the help of the IMEI number, the new phone number can be easily and quickly retrieved, too. This way, you will be able to know the new phone number associated with your lost phone.

What if you are sure that your phone is stolen by a theft? If so, you can request assistance from the police and give them your details to trace back the phone. Also, they can help to block your from being used even if a new SIM card is inserted.

Can I Track An Offline Mobile Phone?

To give a short answer to this question – No, you can’t track a cell phone that is turned off. On the contrary, only when the phone is on, connects to the data, and the location service is activated can you locate any phone using most phone tracking services on the internet.

Final Word

A mobile phone is more and more important and becomes an integral part of our everyday life these days. Losing it can cause a lot of trouble as it carries more than just our bank details but also crucial privacy data inside. Always keep your information safe on your smartphone, and it is advised to save the data in the cloud so that you can retrieve them whenever you need it. Was this page helpful? If so, do share this article with your families and friends right away!


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