Almost all of our smartphones are equipped with GPS, which enables others to track a cell phone and know our current location. The wide application of GPS phone trackers makes our life easier. We can enjoy the recommendations of restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls every time we go to a new city. It can ensure our kids’ offline route and check whether they have arrived at school. We are just enjoying the benefits brought by GPS phone tracker without being aware of it. However, have you ever explored how a GPS phone tracker works? Today, we will unveil the truth with you together!

What is GPS tracking?

It is universally acknowledged that GPS is the abbreviation of Global Positioning System, while you might know little about its operational principle. The GPS is a sophisticated system that is supported by a group of satellites and ground stations. These satellites can send signals down to the Earth, while a GPS receiver builds a connection to the signal and makes a comparison between the time being sent and received. The result calculated is used for estimating the distance between the satellites and the cell phones. Finally, the data will be used for calculating the exact position of the cell phone accurately and efficiently.

Initially, it was intended for military use and the US Department of Defense has complete control over GPS. With the wide utilization, not only do the military parties gain access to the GPS, but the common individuals have the capacity to use the system without extra effort.


What about the GPS tracking in our cell phones?

Today, a vast majority of cell phone brands are creating their own GPS tracking systems. Take typical instances, Android’s Find My Device and Apple’s Find My.  They provide you with approximate and stationary location information instead of a real-time and moving one. When you are in an emergency and you call 911, the GPS tracking in the cell phone can help the police narrow down the place where they are going to search.

However, this kind of GPS built-in tracking app also has defects. Firstly, they provide you with a rough and stationary location instead of a real-time and moving one. It means that others can’t detect your movement on the digital maps when you are moving forward with your cell phone. They can just wait for the updating geolocation on the map. Secondly, when someone steals your cell phone, the first thing they are most likely to do is to turn off the GPS tracking, which disables your location tracking. ( Note: You can hamper others from turning off location service by setting a password in your “Setting” section.)

If you want to be more determined to know the precise location of someone, you’d better turn to the third-party phone number tracker as it enables you to receive a real-time location result if the phone is on and has a connection to the network.

Why is a phone number tracker a better option?

The emergence of a phone number tracker makes us easier to track a cell phone with ease. Mobile phone tracking, also cited as a phone number tracker is a process of identifying the precise location via a phone number. Featuring instantaneity and ease of use, it is playing a more and more salient role in mobile tracking. You can unlock more distinct features of a phone number tracker:

  1. Ease of use: Many phone number trackers don’t require you to download and install any application. The trackers will enable you to search GPS location of cell phone online. Only a cell phone number can you track a cell phone remotely.
  2. Anonymity: It might be embarrassing when your target finds that someone is tracking his/her cell phone. However, there is no need for you to worry about this for the trackers will keep you undetectable.
  3. Workability on different platforms and brands. You can track a cell phone regardless of mobile brands, models, and platforms. Only a few clicks and you will be able to see your loved ones on hand.
  4. 24/7 customer support. You can gain professional advice and support while encountering any problems.
  5. Real-time and moving geolocation result. A phone number tracker will take advantage of GPS positioning, Wi-Fi connection, and cell triangulation to make the location tracking more precise. What’s more, you will grasp the live location via the digital map.

A phone number tracker can perfectly match your location tracking demands, where you can see your loved ones, and monitor the attendance of your employees. However, just note that you should be more prudent when you are searching for free GPS phone trackers. Be careful about the free tools for they might contain harmful content and offer a false response to you.

Our best recommendation—How can we locate someone on MLocator?

As an online GPG phone tracker, MLocator is committed to giving the exact results to customers in a remote and effective manner. Before you track a cell phone on MLocator, make sure that your target phone is ready—The cell phone is on and has a connection with the network. Once prepared, you can activate your location tracking:

  1. Head to the website
  2. Purchase the service and make the secure payment
  3. Type in the phone number you want to track and also your cell phone for receiving the result
  4. Click in the SMS link and pinpoint someone in real time on the map

With only 4 steps can you track a cell phone and have a hassle-free experience. You can grasp the footprints of your loved ones on hand without touching their phones. It is a worthy try for you!

The bottom line:

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