Nothing can be equal to a good trip. Approaching the picturesque natural scenery enables us to learn about trees, flowers, insects, birds, and animals, the very feeling of yourself as a living creature in a living world. The fun and excitement of vacation, nature, culture, and the people you meet during the journey are refreshing, helping you out from the headache of bustling urban life. However, it’s not always easy for you to have an enjoyable trip, especially when there are a lot of things that might go wrong in an unfamiliar place. You might get separated from your loved ones during the trip, in particular when you are visiting a tourist spot during the vacation.

In this depressing situation, a GPS phone number tracker can save you from mishaps and emergencies like the inability to find your loved ones.

How does a GPS phone number tracker work?

A GPS phone number tracker is a tool that lets you track real-time phone location by phone number. It works with massive GPS satellites, which can speculate the location of a cell phone by calculating the difference between the time a phone sends a signal and the time it receives it. The wide equipment of GPS receivers on cell phones has allowed the general public to pinpoint the location of someone. However, the GPS tracking system located in your cell phone might have some defects.

First and foremost, the standard GPS system might not be sensitive enough to give the exact location of a cell phone, which means that it can just narrow the area where your cell phone is spotted. Then, the built-in GPS tracking can be turned off without extra effort. Once the location tracking is disabled, you might find it difficult to track phone location. Therefore, sole dependence on GPS tracking might impede your tab on the whereabouts of your loved ones in an emergency.

That’s why many third-party phone number trackers, which choose to combine GPS positioning technology, Wi-Fi connection, and cell tower triangulation, can be a better resort if you want to be more certain that you will be able to protect the security of your loved one during a journey. They render you more control over the real-time location of your family and friends.

How can a phone locator help us while traveling?

As long as the GPS trackers find out the location of a cell phone, they will update the real-time location on the digital map. Hence, you will be able to identify the whereabouts of your loved ones wherever you are. Let’s see what wonders phone trackers can do to make your travel more effortless and hassle-free!

Track the real-time location of your loved one

Uncertainty is the source of fear. Indetermination about the current whereabouts of your family in a new place might be even worse. Horrible scenarios might pop up in your brain, which impels you to spare no efforts in locating someone in no time. Here, a reliable phone locator can surely help you out, tracking one’s real-time location even if you are searching for someone in an unfamiliar place. All that you need is just a phone number!

Know where someone possibly has been to

Some phone number locators also launch the added feature of location history, from which you can see the past routes of someone. It can prove its value when you have lost contact with someone during the trip. It allows you to not only locate the target but also see where he has been to. Whatever the result is, you can grasp more hints about his location within a few clicks on your screen.

Give quick response to emergency

Locating the position of someone helps you capture one’s current situation. Some family locators might be provided with SOS alerts, which enable you to receive the SOS messages sent by your loved ones. Hence, it can help you give a quick reaction to the emergency, bailing out someone from trouble.

Proven tools for you to locate someone while traveling:

There are a multitude of test tools in the market to help you reconnect with your loved ones during the trip. The following tools are all friendly to both Android and iOS users, see how can they help you during the trip:

Tool 1: iSharing

Supported by cutting-edge technology and practical features, iSharing is receiving millions of positive comments from users. It goes beyond a real-time location sharing app. iSharing enables you to establish a private circle for your family and friends, where you can switch to see the real-time location of someone you care about most. Family members and close friends can privately communicate with each other on the app whenever they want and wherever they are. With the help of iSharing, you can reduce the anxiety about the whereabouts of your loved one in a specific spot with easy tracking and alerting messages. Features like driving reports and location history ensure safety in daily life.

Tool 2: Google Maps

Google Maps is a free location service provider which is lying in people’s arsenals. Not only it can be a remote navigator and route planner, but also it can lead us to find our friends and family while traveling. Once the location feature is enabled, you can track the real-time location of your loved ones for free. However, compared with iSharing, it has some drawbacks that need further improvements:

  1. Lack of panic alerts
  2. Inability to be an instant communication platform
  3. Getting Location sharing enabled requires personal permission and has a time limitation.

Tool 3: Life 360

Life 360 is one of the vanguards in the family location app, which has accumulated a great reputation and supporters. Life 360 is designed to free caregivers from worries about the safety of their loved ones, which has been brimmed with considerate features. For example, the location tracking feature enables you to keep a tab on every step of your family and friends during the trip. In daily life, the driving report can do a great favor if you have teen drivers at home, which can help you ensure road security when you are not by their sides.

However, Life 360 gets stuck in the rumors of leaking the private information of users. Therefore, you might think twice before you give your permission to the app.

Can you track someone without app installation?

The above options require preinstallation before you activate the service. Surprisingly, the inception of MLocator is here to help you out, allowing you to track someone’s location effortlessly with an online process. It is an exclusive phone number tracker that puts all its emphasis on precise location tracking. Therefore, if you are going for accurate location tracking and targeting your loved ones with high precision, MLocator might be the most amazing one in this post. It can work efficiently:

  1. Type in the phone number of someone you want to find on the trip
  2. Have a trial period
  3. Key in your phone number in the box
  4. Get the geolocation result on your cell phone

Now, you can just reconnect with your family and friends instantly during the trip. It can have a wide application when you need to know the whereabouts of your family immediately. For instance, you need to figure out whether your kid has arrived at the birthday party of his friend. Instead of nagging your minor, you will be able to grasp what’s going on remotely!

The end:

With a helpful GPS phone locator, we sincerely hope that you can enjoy yourselves with your loved ones not only during the journey! If you have other problems pertinent the location tracking, we welcome all your comments below!


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