We all have discouraging experience of failure to find our friends in a crowded park or a concert. One of you are staring into the sea of faces, the others are searching the crowd frantically. You choose to text with your friends, going out of your way to portray your whereabouts. You even try to take photos of buildings nearby. However, you are still lost in the huge crowd of people. The frustration prompts you to come up with a solution to the problem. This post is here to help you find your friend at a crowded park or a concert, clearing away all the obstacles to your meet-up with your friends.

Way 1: Google Maps

Google Maps is universally considered as a great assistant for people to navigate the world, enabling you to grasp the current situation of the traffic and explore delicious snack like a local. Google Maps is also one of the reliable softwares allowing you to share your real-time location with your contact. To make your Google Maps enabled, you have to authorize the location services for Google Maps and download the application on your device.

The detailed instructions are given to you here:

  • Open your Google Maps and enter your personal profile, choose” Location sharing“
  • Tap “New share” if you haven’t shared with your friends about your location before
  • Choose the certain amount of time you want to share with your friend
  • Find out the contact you want to share location with and tap ”Share”
  • Tap ‘”Request” to ask your contact to share theirs with you if you have shared your location

Google Maps will send a notification to your contact and you can share your real-time location once your contact has agreed to share location with you. Next time, you can pinpoint your contact on your device or online. It should be noted that the app can work on both IOS and Android, you don’t have to worry about the adaptability.

Therefore, detecting your friends in a crowded park won’t be an annoyance anymore with Google Maps.

Way 2: Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a software developed by Apple to help users to locate the family and friends. You are entitled to share your real-time location with your friends and family once you enter email addresses or phone numbers of the target. You will also know the location changes of your targets instantly with location-based alerts. What’s more, the flexibility of the application can also allow you to hide your location if you don’t want to be traced.

Hence, how on earth you use Find My Friends to locate a friend in a crowded place? Firstly, you should make sure that your friends also installed the app on their mobile devices. Then step by step to help you activate the application:

  • Open the application.
  • Choose your friend and enter their email
  • Tap Send or Done in order to send the request to your friend

After your friend agrees to share his or her location, you can see their location in a list or on a map in the Find My Friends app. As a matter of fact, it is very similar to how you use Google Maps. If you both use Apple, don’ t worry and you will find each other with Find My Friends on your devices.

Way 3: Easy-to-use cellphone locator

Above we have mentioned two common ways to help you find a friend in a crowded park. However, it is a must for you to download a mobile application before you receive the service. Is there any way for you to find your friend location without taking up your storage on your phone? Cell phone locator like MLocator can resolve your unease. Unlike two tools discussed above, MLocator is an online cell phone locator without need of installation. The employment of GPS technology, Wi-Fi connection as well as cell tower technology contributes to its precise global positioning. More benefits and favorable feedbacks from users can head to the website https://www.mobilephonelocator.net/.

We can discover it is simple to find you friend no matter you are a green hand or a professional with MLocator:

  • Type the phone number you want to locate
  • Make the payment of the service
  • Provide your phone number to receive the location notification
  • Receive an SMS on your mobile presenting the result

You might have no signal or you are too hurried to download a mobile application in a crowded park when you are urgently. With comprehensive functions, cell phone locator can be your reliable solution in this dilemma.


The post has introduced 3 ways to relieve your anxiety when you fail to find your friend in a crowded park or a concert. I hope you will find the pose helpful and store it up! If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us in the below comments!


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