There are numerous reasons why you may wish to find a person. The person could be a long-distant partner, family member, or close friend. For instance, if you have no information on the target person’s whereabouts in an emergency, you will need to locate a loved one to obtain his or her current location for safety concerns. In that case, you may also want to know how to track a person and find where they are right now. This article can help with that.

How Can I Locate Someone In An Emergency?

Concerned about the safety of your loved one? Don’t be! If you are searching for ways how to locate someone in a bad situation, then using a phone number would be the best solution. These days, everyone has the capability and flexibility to locate anyone in many ways thanks to advanced digital technology. If you are keen on finding out how it works, be sure that you have grabbed your phone or computer ready. These feasible ways that we are going to introduce below for you to track someone’s location by cell phone number are quite easy!

Actionable Ways to Locate Someone by Cell Phone Number

So, in this section, there are several actionable and effective methods how to locate someone by cell phone number. For this method to work effectively, you can either install phone number tracker software on your phone or you can make the most use of the phone number lookup services online. Now, let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Take Help from MLocator

Believe it or not, one of the most reliable and secure ways that will assist you in tracking someone’s location via phone number is by using MLocator. To use this method, all you need is simply provide the contact number of the person you want to track and the site will detect your loved one’s location data silently. MLocator then sends a text message containing a link inside the target number. You need not worry about the privacy issue as the tracking process will only activate once the receiver clicks on the given link and accepts the location tracking request.

How to use MLocator:

  1. Navigate to the MLocator website.
  2. Type in the target person’s phone number that you would like to track.
  3. Enter the phone number to get the location feedback.
  4. Track a loved one’s real-time location.

The great part of MLocator is that it can find a person worldwide. In addition, this tool gives you the opportunity of phone number lookup at any given time. However, it is also worth noting that you need to make sure that the target’s phone is on and has a data connection.

2. Make Use of Built-in Phone Locator

To be honest, the easiest way is by taking advantage of native tracking software for your computer or mobile phone. By doing so, it is not only accessible and convenient but some of these phone locators are free of charge. As you may know, both Android and iOS devices come with their native device locator apps like Find My Device for Android and Find My iPhone for iOS which are well designed for when you want to locate someone’s phone. That is to say, you can also use them to track the location of your loved ones.

Steps to follow to track Android phones using the Find My app:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and install the Find My Device if you don’t have one on your phone.
  2. Make sure that your phone is connected to the internet.
  3. Sign in to Find My Device using the Google account and give location access to the app.
  4. Track other’s phones and use extra features such as locking and wiping the phone’s data remotely.

Steps to activate the Find My iPhone application:

  1. Head to your phone settings.
  2. Tap on your name and Apple ID at the top and click on Find My.
  3. Select Find My iPhone and switch to enable it.

For more phone locating information, you are also available to check on the web via or by logging in to your iCloud ID from any iOS device.

Kindly note: The described methods above only work best for tracking your phones. In case you want to use this way to find your loved one, you need to get the full details of their Google account and Apple ID credentials in advance. Otherwise, it would be more complex for you to accomplish the tough task.

3. Download a Third Party Spyera App

As the name indicates, Spyera is actually a spy app but also a phone number tracker that allows you to trace someone’s location using a cell phone number. It provides help with remotely monitoring people’s phone activities or protecting mobile devices from being tracked or any harmful activity on the web. Similarly, Spyera is also well-compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac.

How to use Spyera:

  1. Buy an app license from its official website.
  2. Install the app on the target phone.
  3. Open the Spyera web panel online with your device.
  4. Track your target’s location.

Specifically, Spyera utilizes GPS technology on the target’s device and sends the data to your web panel to access the location. It works on the Wi-Fi connection to obtain the information you need and sends it to the web panel even without the GPS.

Other Feasible Ways to Track Someone’s Location

Well, here are still other feasible methods for you to try in case the mentioned above ways do not meet your requirements. For example, you can also use an IMEI tracker, Caller ID Name, namely the CNAM lookup, search via Whitepages, and more to track someone’s location. It is fully up to you!

Now You Know How to Locate a Loved One

Locating your loved one is not an invasion of privacy, instead, it is a caring act especially if you are giving priority to their safety. sincerely, we hope this easy guide on how to find a loved one by cell phone number helped you in many ways and removed all your anxiety away.

What do you think of our short blog? If you have some suggestions, do not forget to drop your comments below!


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