With so much spyware in the market these days, have you ever doubted about someone is tracking your iPhone remotely? And, how can you tell for sure? Well, we got the most effective ways for you to detect the potential spy software on your cell phone.

Just stop racking your brains and find the truth yourself right away! In this post, we will share with you the ways how to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone and tips on how to prevent being tracked in the future.

Part 1: 4 Signs to Tell If Your iPhone is Being Tracked

Actually, there are signs to tell when your phone is being tracked by someone else. Below are some of the common ones for you to take into consideration:

1. Power Consumption

Plenty of various software installed on your iPhone not only take up much of the storage but also cause more power consumption. Once you have noticed that the time your phone needs to charge more often than it use to, it’s most likely the case: Your iPhone is being tracked by someone! Though this might be only an indicator, it’s worth enough to attract your attention. What’s more, don’t forget to watch out for the sudden change battery of your phone.

2. Phone Temperature

A phone’s temperature is the most common and simple method to identify whether your phone is being used in the wrong way. Hidden spy apps usually work in the background without anybody knowing on your phone. If lots of them are secretly running at the same time, your iPhone will obviously start overheating. Be aware of this sudden increase in battery temperature since they may be working to send your data to another device secretly.

3. Data Usage

If you have experienced a sudden stuck while texting your friends or watching a movie somehow, this is also a sign of the presence of a spy application on your iPhone. Some spy software installations required a lot of phone space to store information and an internet connection to collect data. To keep all the data private, you should check your phone data usage frequently.

4. Strange Messages

There are times you will receive numerous ads from the web or app on your device. You may have no interests in the content someone has sent to you, but please pay attention to those messages that contain some type of code. Because this is another indicator to tell there is a spyware tool on your smartphone.

Part 2: How to Prevent Unwanted Track By Others?

In addition to the above several ways to find out the spyware on the device, take a closer look at the tips and tricks on how to stop unwanted track by someone on the following.

1. Don’t Root or Jailbreak

We would like to suggest you not to root your phone in any case. Because having a phone rooted or jailbroken will make it easy for unverified apps assessing of the device without knowing and permission. That’s the reason why we hope you can keep in that never to root or jailbreak a phone.

2. Don’t Download an Unverified App

We would also like to advise you that don’t install apps and software from anywhere you go or visit. Since it’s quite significant for you to install apps from secure and detected sources such as the App Store(iOS users), and Google Play Store(Android users). So, please make sure the app you downloaded comes from a trusted platform before installation.

3. Track Location with MLocator

The most effective way to stop people from accessing your location data is by using a phone number locator like MLocator. It’s a verified and secure tool that will help you find your iPhone location anywhere and at no time. According to the AEPD regulations, this geolocation service is only activated with the consent of the person. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about any forms of information leaks.

Part 3: Final Words

If you have to use a spy app, please don’t miss MLocator. Like every coin has its two sides, spy apps did cause some bad conditions, but they aren’t always a bad idea, especially when you need to track down devices, find kids, share location with friends, etc.

We would like to recommend this new type of GPS tracker to you and we hope you find this article helpful. For more information, please hit a common below or feel free to contact us at any time! We are delighted to hear your voice.


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