Being in love must be one of the sweetest experiences in our life—Your loved one fills your heart with sweetness, joking at the stresses of life with you. Your loved one helps disperse the loneliness, letting you still look forward to tomorrow no matter how terrible today is. However, the sweeter you are, the bitter you might experience—I can thoroughly understand you will be all-time curious and insecure about the relationship, be afraid that the relationship will burst like bubbles one day!

That’s one of the reasons why we always want to know what our boyfriends are doing at our backs. We just want to ensure trust and loyalty! Don’t fret! I am here to help you, displaying the ways you can use to track the whereabouts of your boyfriend!

How to track the real-time location of your boyfriend?

You might even see the following scenario in some soap operas—A girl hires a detective to follow her boyfriend in order to know where her boy has been and whether he is cheating on her. It might be effective, but it is actually a costly option. Why not choose a high-tech way and turn your cell phone into a free detective? Just pick up your cell phone, and you can grasp every footprint of your loved one.

Way1: The best boyfriend location tracker—MLocator

Your boyfriend’s real-time location can be readily available online to you with a boyfriend location tracker. The best tool among all the proven boyfriend trackers is MLocator, an incredible mobile tracking website that allows you to find the exact location of your boyfriend by phone number. Let’s see some merits of this great boyfriend tracker:

  1. Full coverage of regions. You can even track your boyfriend when he is on a foreign trip.
  2. Great workability on all mobile brands, models, and carriers. There is no need for you to worry about failing to work out the phone location of your target.
  3. High precision of results. GPS on a smartphone can be typically accurate to 5 meters. However, the tool will provide you with more accurate results with the blessings of advanced technology.
  4. No physical touch and hidden status while tracking. Unlike some spy apps, MLocator doesn’t require you to have physical access to the target phone. Instead, you will be able to track one’s phone location remotely and anonymously.

With a user-considerate interface design, you will be able to capture the real-time of your boyfriend in only easy four steps:

  1. Head to the website and type in the phone number of your boyfriend.
  2. Choose a trial period for just $0.99.
  3. Type in your phone number for receiving the guaranteed results.
  4. Click on the message and view the current location of your boyfriend remotely.

With just these simple steps you can easily locate your boyfriend’s cell phone location using MLocator. Therefore, there is no chance he can lie you to about his whereabouts!

Way 2: Google Find My Device-Free

Find My Device is a handy feature designed for every Android phone, allowing Android users to locate an Android cell phone in case it gets lost. Using this feature you can easily track your boyfriend’s phone location without any cost! Here is the step-by-step introduction for you:

  1. Open the website:
  2. Launch into your boyfriend’s account.
  3. Choose the mobile device of your boyfriend, and you will see his approximate location on the map.

Verdict: It is a convenient and free way for you to track your boyfriend’s location without even touching his cell phone physically. However, you should know this method can only work when you have grasped the Google account credentials of your boyfriends. Furthermore, this way can just be eligible for every Android mobile on the planet.

Way 3: Use Find My to locate your boyfriend’s iPhone-Free

One of the most frequently used ways to find the precise iPhone location of your boyfriend is to turn to the default phone tracker—Find My app. Apple has updated the application since its launch. With the newest version, you can even track phone location when it is offline. The tracking process can be similar to Find My Device. You should sign into the Apple credential of your boyfriend, and then you can get access to his location. Another way is that you can invite him to join the “Family” section in Find My, which gains his permission to share his location with you. Then, you can check the real-time location regardless of time and place.

Verdict: Find My is developed by Apple to facilitate the mobile tracking of Apple users. Therefore, this method can just workable on iOS devices. It is worth noting that you should either get the permission of your boyfriend or access his Apple credentials if you want to adopt it this way!

More to think: Should we track the location of our boyfriends?

To be honest, this can be a tricky problem that might be easily connected to ethical problems—On one hand, you are supposed to establish mutual trust with your loved one. On the other hand, you are suffering from unceasing unease and uncertainty about the relationship. If you can’t properly handle the problem, it might even destroy the relationship. It must be excruciating. Here are some must-know things about the issue:

About the legitimacy: It is a legal practice for you to track the whereabouts of your boyfriend if you have gained his prior consent.

About the common reasons for this behavior: 

  1. Trust and loyalty. Trust is always the key to any successful relationship. Tracking his location can help you establish or develop trust in your boyfriend. Also, it can free you from getting concerned about your relationship.  Therefore, tracking the GPS location of your boyfriend is of utmost necessity.
  2. Safety concern. Several incidents like theft or accidents may happen at any time. Having a boyfriend tracker tool can help you keep track of what is happening to your boyfriend, thus protecting his offline security and saving him from troubles that might come his way.
  3. Gain a sense of security. You just want to see what your boyfriend is doing at your back, thus gaining a sense of security from the relationship. No one wants to be apart from someone he loves.
  4. Find out some hidden truth. There is no guarantee that every relationship will finally have a happy ending. It means that every relationship might come with a turbulent time where there might be unforeseen waves behind. When you might have spotted some uncommon signs of your partner, it might be high time that you should take action to find out whether he is trying to hide something from you.

To sum up, the tracking practice can be conducive to the healthy and further development of your relationship if used properly. It might even strengthen your intimate relationship and protect your loved one remotely.

The bottom line:

If you are ever worried about the whereabouts of your boyfriend, you can use the above simple ways to track his phone location. All the described methods are pretty easy to use!

If you have different ideas, just share them with us below the comment bar!


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