GPS tracking has changed the world beyond recognition. We will never worry about being lost as a tourist in a new city, for the GPS can lead us towards the destination. We can choose the quickest commuting route, for the GPS will plan out the fastest route for us. It can be the same way in our working life. Tracking employees’ whereabouts is widely put into effect in many regions. The trend is expected to continue in the future. What comes first is whether it is legal for you to track employees’ location. Today, we will discuss deeper about this topic.

Are you allowed to track employees’ whereabouts?

This problem has remained the subject of intense debate along with the wide application of location tracking. Nowadays, many enterprises even regard the practice as a mandatory part of the employee guidebook. The truth is that employers can legally track company-owned cell phones of employees if they have the prior consent of employees. In other words, if both sides acknowledge and permit the tracking activities, then companies are allowed to track the whereabouts of employees without breaching laws.

Why should you track employees’ real-time location?

It might be common that you will link location tracking to privacy violation. However, a surprising fact is that an increasing number of companies and employees are holding positive views towards the location tracking practice. Many reasons can account for this trend:

  1. Inevitable trend of globalization. More and more corporations are expanding their fields around the globe. This might add difficulty to staff management and attendance. Real-time location tracking can help remove geographical boundaries. It enables the companies to manage international and remote staff effectively.
  2. Increase job safety. Tracking employees’ whereabouts can help to take instant rescue measures in manufacturing and constructing sections. Therefore, acknowledgment of the location of employees can help save their lives and increase job safety.
  3. Optimize efficiency. Some companies use it to coordinate employee jobs based on location, while some use it to help arrange scheduled appointments.

Believe it or not, the practice has been commonplace, and an increasing number of modern employees have embraced it as a job routine. Some employees also express their opinion that companies should deliver their promise to be more transparent in location tracking.

Steps towards employee location tracking

Despite the above half of the employees holding a positive perspective towards location tracking if it can ensure they get paid accurately, companies should roll out more comprehensive location tracking strategies, which can boost employees’ emotion and motivation. Here are  steps for companies to follow:

  1. Lay out policies. If you are managing multinational enterprises, you’d better define different types of work that are available at your branches across the globe. The policies can be flexible and workable for global employees, commuters, remote workers, and so on.
  2. Embrace technology. Modern technology helps us improve work efficiency and make it easy to track one’s location. For instance, mobile number tracker can streamline location tracking processes and make it easy for you to grasp the real-time whereabouts of your employees.
  3. A motivation mechanism. You can grasp the appetite of employees and mitigate their negative emotion. For example, you can set up a tracking credit system for helping them get a raise or promotion. In this way, you can foster their acceptance and motivation for location tracking. 

The quickest way to track employees by number

Sole dependence on GPS tracking can be a bit outdated and inadequate, for GPS positioning technology might have confinements like location and buildings. MLocator, the robust and cutting-edge mobile phone number tracker comes in handy. As the name suggests, this phone tracker by number enables you to grasp the exact location of a cell phone by phone number. What makes it stand out from multiply contenders is that the tool combines GPS, Wi-Fi connection, and cell tower triangulation, which can estimate the location with an accuracy within 5 meters. You can explore more highlights of the tool here:

  1. Unlimited geolocation requests globally
  2. Perfectly match with all mobile devices
  3. Higher precision of location tracking
  4. User-oriented design and usage
  5. Skip app installations
  6. Non-stop customer support

You can track your employees by following the steps:

  1. Enter the phone number of your employee
  2. Join the MLocator family
  3. Type in a phone number for checking the location results
  4. Get the result and know about the location of someone

MLocator boasts a perfect location tracking prowess. Therefore, we ensure that it will never let you down.

Final Verdicts:

Location tracking in employees has a bright future, for remote working is also taking its place amid the pandemic.  If you want to know more about location tracking, just leave your comments below! 


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