Is it possible to track and locate a phone that is turned off? To be honest, the answer it’s almost close to impossible.

The market indeed offers us a lot of options for tracking a lost phone. However, most of the apps and software available on the market are designed to locate the phone under GPS or Wi-Fi-enabled conditions. But, what if we lost our phone that is switched off or failed to connect with the internet online?

Don’t worry. There is still hope for you to track your phone back as long as you have an IMEI number with you.

What is IMEI?

IMEI number is the abbreviation for International Mobile Equipment Identity code. It represents your mobile phone identity and you can use this code whenever and wherever you need it. For this to work, you can easily find out your IMEI through the behind/back/inside of your smartphone package box.

How is it helpful in finding a phone?

Here comes the question, how do we find a device with an IMEI number? With numerous phone tracker apps and software out in the market today, one can make a call to the IMEI tracker or the IMEI phone tracker provided on the internet. And all you need to do is offer the IMEI of your smartphone to these apps and let them do the rest of the work for you within a few minutes.

In the next part, we will cover various options to track a switched-off phone as well as list the best tracking ways.

Easy Ways to Find a Phone That is Turned Off with IMEI Number

Simple ways to track a phone location with IMEI:

  1. Find your phone’s IMEI number as I mentioned above and write it down;
  2. Simply dial *#06# to get the location information;
  3. Contact your cell phone providers or carriers and ask for necessary detailed information.

    Other Ways to Locate an iPhone That is Turned Off

    Stop googling how to locate a phone that is turned off since there are helpful ways provided below. Among multiple free options, the Google services Find My Phone and Google Photo are the most common ones.

    Way 1: Google Find My Device

    Steps to locate a cell phone with Find My Device:

    • Open the Find My Device app with your web browser on another device and log in to your Google account;
    • Select the lost phone from the top of the screen;
    • The lost phone will receive a notification;
    • See the approximate last known location of your turned-off device in the form of a map.

    Way 2: Google Photo

    Guides to track a phone with Google Photo:

    • Head to official and log in with your Google account;
    • Scroll down and find out the new image is taken on your device;
    • Click on the info icon on the top of the right corner;
    • See the phone captured location on a map.

    Extra Professional Advice

    It’s necessary to take some preliminary measures if you need to track a cell phone that is turned off or lost. Make sure that you have prepared a tracking app on your phone in advance it will be helpful. Using a phone number tracker app online like MLocator can be an effective preparation.

    More tracking info, location-sharing tips, positioning tech support are available on

    Write in the End

    These are all the available options you can use to locate a phone that is on a dead battery. Though the range is limited you still got chances to track down your phone location.

    Hopefully, the above-mentioned will be helpful to you and will assist you in locating a switch-off mobile phone.

    For more questions regarding this subject or any other ideas, please leave a comment below. We sincerely hope you get your device back very soon!


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