Modern GPS positioning technology has paved the way for the wide application of location tracking and sharing, enabling families to reinforce bonds and ensure the security of each other. Google Maps is popular among users for its convenience and multi-functions. Users can use Google Maps to view the virtual scene of a location, share location and so on. Today. many cell phone locators can also help you locate and share the location, this post will recommend you the top alternatives of Google Maps.

With a wide range of powerful functions, Tispy is one of the most reliable location tracking tools. This live location tracker can help you relieve about the whereabouts of your beloved ones, especially your kids, making you be able to monitor your kids‘ current location. At the same time, since it will store the information of the location, you can view the location history via the software. It is easy to leverage the app—Just install the app on your kids’ phone, then you can track their real-time location and location history on your dashboard. Let’s have an overview of Tispy as a location tracker:

  • Pinpoint your beloved ones in real time
  • View the location history to grasp your kids’ route
  • Present the current location on the map directly

  • Famisafe

Famisafe helps parents to view the real-time location of kids instead of calling your kids ”Where are you?”  With the location tracking, you can ensure whether your kids are safe or not, which also makes yourself prepared for the emergency.

Like Tispy we mentioned above, it can also view the location history of your kids, getting a comprehensive picture of your kids’ daily activity zone. What makes Famisafe more innovative is that it launches a function called Geo-fence. The function allows parents to set safe geofences. For example, parents can create geofences like” school” or ”home” around specific locations. Parents can get alert when kids get leave the safe area or break the planned routines. It helps parents to help kids out of dangers, or parents can call for the police when they find kids trapped in the troubles. The main benefits of Famisafe:

  • Track the real-time whereabouts of kids to relieve unease
  • View the location history to get acknowledge of kids’ daily routine route
  • Set up a geofence to monitor the scope and time range of kid’s activities
  • Receive an alert when the kids leave the set place

  • iSharing

iSharing is a location-sharing app designed for family members and close friends. iSharing offers an array of features that give parents and caretakers peaceful mind:

  • Real-time GPS Location Sharing
  • Driving Report that traces dangerous events while driving.
  • SOS Panic Alert
  • Place Alerts
  • Instant Messaging

iSharing can definitely be the reliable guardian for your family, helping you grasp the overall situation of your family member.

  • MLocator

MLocator lays emphasis on location tracking, with devotion to being the leader of location tracking. Armed with GPS technology, Wi-Fi connection and cell tower triangulation, MLocator can locate someone with higher accuracy. Unlike some softwares, MLocator is actually a website that allows you to search someone’s location via a cellphone number. Users are free from complicated and overloaded steps to activate the tool. Its full focus on location tracking is driving MLocator to become the leading power in cell phone locators. Major features of this thriving mobile tracking tool are listed:

  • No app required. Location tracking can be an easy and quick process for all users without the preinstallation of software.
  • Global location tracking. With the aegis of the technology, the global location tracking is no longer the scene in fiction movies.
  • All mobile brands. Both Android and Apple and use the tool without difficulty.

You will discover how easy it is to use MLocator With the trial for 24 hours, it is believed that users will have seamless and unforgettable experience with the tool.

Summing up:

Not only does location tracking can improve our well-being in family life, but also it can help us reduce our loss when we lost our cellphone with its powerful tracking ability. We will be informed of the location of the cellphone, helping us to find phones as soon as possible.

The post has recommended the top alternatives of Google Maps, hope it will help you in your daily life! If you have explored more easy-to-use tools, please leave your comments below.


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