Can you even imagine how many smartphones do we have nowadays? It’s hard to tell the specific number because of the rapid evolution of digital technology. A mobile phone is of great importance for our daily life activities such as working, studying, as well as entertaining. Here comes the question: Do you know how to enable the inside feature of a phone setting?

Every phone has a built-in GPS feature, and there are many advantages to using that function. For instance, you can use it to identify the places around you or use it as a navigation in the car, and more.

Here, we are going to introduce some facts you should know before using phone tracking apps.

What Are The Benefits of Using Phone Tracking Apps?

Let’s start with the benefits of using phone tracking software. As we all know, there are numerous advantages of these, and below we will mention only a few important ones.

1. Ensure Children’s Safety

The internet can be a dangerous place for youngsters. However, you can not keep them away from the virtual world blindly, but you can easily track your kids’ location and movements whenever and wherever with a mobile phone tracker. And that is the reason why we introduce the third-party app here. If you have made up your mind to do so, do remember to discuss this matter with your child and explain to them that you want to make sure they are safe.

In case your children forget to notify you when he has safely arrived at a friend’s home, you can use this app to check on their current location in real-time.

2. Check on Family and Friends

Most of us use the app to keep in touch with family members and close friends and check on them. Phone tracking apps come in handy on many occasions. For example, when you are waiting anxiously for friends to come to your birthday party, you can check on him/her and make sure he/she is on their way. Or you are planning to conduct a family reunion, and want to ensure that your relatives find your department easily.

Additionally, if you are going abroad for traveling, this app is the simplest way to let family and friends know where you are exactly. With the help of these apps, your loved one can gain peace of mind knowing your exact location at any time.

3. Find a Lost Device

Losing a phone or having it stolen by someone is everyone’s nightmare. Since we have spent so much time on our phones and they carry a lot of our private information, tracking the phone back is a real emergency for us. Fortunately, we are capable of finding a missing phone location within minutes by using phone tracking apps. Furthermore, if someone stole your phone, this app will work to give you the previous locations, which means you are then available to track the device’s movement.

For all the amazing features mentioned above, you have to admit that phone tracking apps are of great help when it comes to ensuring kids’ safety, staying in contact with loved ones, tracking down a lost device, and more.

The Potential Downsides of Phone Tracking Apps

Besides many upsides, there are some possible downsides you should be known as well. For instance, if you are in an area with poor network connection or the target device that you are tracking is not connected to the internet or cellular, or the phone is on bad signals, the system will fail to report the accurate current location of that device. What I trying to say is, this system requires both parties to be linked to the internet and the GPS service needs to be enabled in advance.

Potential Privacy Issues

One of the most concerning problems related to phone tracking apps is that someone might track your phone all the time without you knowing! For various reasons, we are afraid that someone is using this feature in the wrong way, which will increase the risks of online fraud, scams, theft, and more. What’s worse, they might use this feature to pose threat to you and your family by knowing the exact location.

To solve this problem and remove your anxiety, you can completely turn off all location services on your devices by following the steps here: Go into Settings, select a Location Services chart, and switch from ON to OFF

Summing up

As you can see in this post, and as the old saying goes: every coin has its two sides. There are also both advantages and potential disadvantages to mobile tracking apps. In this matter, you can enable the location service or not allowed to use of the GPS feature of the phone according to the different situations.


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