Back to the days when we need to spare great effort to track someone’s location. We might need to call someone to confirm his/her location, which is time-consuming and less effective. The wide application of GPS positioning technology has eradicated barriers to accessing someone’s location.  As one of the dominant mobile brands, Android has also launched the native GPS tracking service – Find My Device. However, it can just offer an approximate and stationary location. To help to track a cell phone with its live location, we are here to introduce  Android GPS phone tracker. Just save the post and find how easy it is to track your loved ones.

How does a GPS phone tracker work?

The basis of a GPS phone tracker can be an enabling GPS positioning system, which can locate the location of a cell phone. The GPS is equipped with numerous satellites. These satellites send signals to mobile phones around the globe. At the same time, A GPS receiver will then make a connection to the signals and compare the time it is sent and received. The result will be used to estimate the distance between the satellite and receiver of a mobile phone. Therefore, a GPS phone tracker can track a phone via a phone number effectively and accurately.

How can we use a GPS phone tracker to track a cell phone?

Known as a phone locator, a GPS phone tracker is designed to locate a cell phone with an exact geolocation via just a phone number. Some phone trackers with additional monitoring features might require you to have a download and installation on the device, while exclusive trackers allow us to track a cell phone online. In the modern world, phone number trackers are combining advanced GPS technology, network connection, and cell tower triangulation to make location tracking more accurate. With a more precise response, a phone locator also pinpoints phone location in a more effective manner.

Top 3 Android phone trackers in 2022

Google’s “Find My Device” can be one of the apt options for users to locate their Android phones. However, here we also recommend the top three Android phone trackers that allow you to track a cell phone without a Google account.

Tool 1: Find My kids – GPS tracker

Find My kids is a comprehensive Android tracking app for guarding kids. One of the distant features of Find My kids is that it can be paired with a watch. Kids who wear a specific watch will help update the location information on the parents’ app. Parents are giving praise to the app for its amazing features aimed at monitoring kids:

  1. Receive alerts when our kids arrive at a particular location
  2. Track kids’ routes via the location tracking service
  3. Keep an eye on the battery level on the kids’ devices
  4. No registration
  5. Help give a quick response to kids’ SOS messages
  6. Monitor the screen time (not workable on an iPhone)
  7. Listen to the sound around your kids (not workable on an iPhone)

With a simple installation on your cell phone, this powerful phone locator app can help you track the location of your kids, dispelling all your unease.


  1. An app installation is a must if you want to enjoy the service
  2. Some functions will not compatible with iPhone

Tool 2: Setracker

Setracker is another Android phone locator that allows users to track a cell phone via easy steps. Here are some highlights of the app:

  1. Get GPS location with longitude and latitude details 
  2. Both the last position and real-time position will be stored on the app
  3. Set geofences
  4. Get an SOS message from your target

Not only can Setracker be a phone number tracker, but also it can create a favorable family shared circle. It can help monitor the status of your family including checking their location regardless of time and place. However, there is something you should note when you are going to purchase its service:

  1. The location result might not be accurate
  2. Need to install an additional app

Tool 3: MLocator

If you are looking for a professional phone number tracker, you can’t miss this fancy tool for it can fulfill all your geolocation requests without restrictions of time and places. MLocator can give a lot of surprises with its extraordinary capacity of locating a cell phone. We can have a deeper look at its merits:

  1. All mobile brands, models, and carriers. You can locate any phone within a few clicks.
  2. Ease and reliability to use. Both green hands and professionals can handle MLocator and the tool won’t store any of your private information.
  3. Track a cell phone no matter where it is
  4. Highly precise geolocation results
  5. 24/7 customer support. You can get the problem solved with a few seconds


  1. There is no need for you to download any additional software
  2. Provide you with a trial period, so that you can pay for the service until you are satisfied with the service

The combination of advanced GPS positioning technology and network connection is making MLocator become the ever-superior expert in location tracking. It is accumulating a much larger user base. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a trustworthy GPS phone tracker in the market.

More to think: Should we choose a free alternative?

Normally, we all want high-quality service with the most reasonable prices. However, some news about leaking information due to improper usage of a free phone number tracker emerge endlessly. More importantly, it can be usual that a developer needs financial input if it wants to do further improvement on the location service and promote the technology. More importantly, it can be a worthy deal for you if you can safeguard your family and your cell phone via tracking a cell phone.

Wrapped up:

If you are looking for ways to track an Android phone effortlessly, we hope that you can gain a lot from the article. If you have any other picks of Android GPS phone tracker, just share your opinion at your will below! We are waiting for your comments!


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