Mobile location tracking has no longer been something difficult and weird. Instead, GPS  location tracking has even gained great popularity among families and friends. Additionally, the modern GPS positioning techniques have even bolstered the trend. Tools in mounting numbers are emerging in the market, so we have a dazzling array of choices that are available to us. Rather than just dazzling with assorted GPS phone location tracking tools, there is a focus on the practical and security. This write-up is here to list the top 5 GPS phone location trackers in 2022.

What are GPS phone location trackers and what can they do for us?

GPS phone location trackers essentially take full advantage of GPS systems to find out the exact location of a mobile device. Generally speaking, the system works by the virtue of a multitude of satellites orbiting the Earth. wherein the GPS receivers on mobile devices establish connections with these satellites. The time of sending and receiving the signals can be used to deduce the approximate location of a cell phone.

The location tracking services can play significant roles in our daily life:

  1. Phone finders. One typical example can lie in native phone locators, which enable you to track down the current location of your lost phone. You might not be guaranteed to find a cell phone via this way, but it indeed improves the chance.
  2. Family companion. Parents can keep a tab on the whereabouts of their kids all the time with the phone location trackers. They don’t need to conduct excessive steps but to tab on tools within a few clicks. Parents can know where their kids are irrespective of time and place on a digital map.
  3. Gathering helper. There are numerous moments we need to find the exact location of your friends. For example, phone location tracking tools can help us target our friends in crowded live events, which can save our time and energy of searching for our friends everywhere. You can save more time staying with your friends and enjoy yourselves!

Therefore, if used properly, phone location trackers can wield substantially positive effects on our daily life.

Top 5 GPS phone location trackers in 2022:

Scored of phone location trackers claim that they can ensure you guaranteed location results within several seconds, but end up with false results. Therefore, facing tons of options in the market, the tricky task for you is to pick up the best and most reliable phone location tracker. Here are our top picks!

Top 1: MLocator

As a robust online phone number tracker, MLocator strikes a great balance between functionality and ease of use. On one hand, the tracking tool enables you to track phone location with huge precision. Supported by GPS positioning technology, Wi-Fi connection as well as cell tower triangulation, MLocator figures out the exact location of a cell phone. (A typical GPS phone tracker can be accurate to 5 meters, while we will be more precise).

Despite the distinguished capacity of location tracking, the tool won’t compromise the ease of use. The service can work with an online process, which can free you from app installation. Therefore, there is no need for you to undergo tedious installation steps. Instead, several easy clicks into the web pages can render you the expected results. Only four steps can your pinpoint the exact location of a mobile device:

  1. Type in the phone number that you are planning to trace.
  2. Have a trial period.
  3. Key in the number you want to receive the result.
  4. Check the message and get access to the location information.

Just don’t be too amazed at the maximum speed and highly-accurate results when you are using MLocator on any mobile device. (Note: the tool can work on any mobile device regardless of models, brands, or carriers)

Price: $0.99 for a trial period

Download: No need to download but support multi-platform operation

Top 2: Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is one of the top-listed applications in Google Play. The app has gained a warm welcome from Android users who want to locate their cellular devices. This cell phone tracker app is pretty easy to use and offers a full picture of the coordinated of location, making it easier for you to locate and recover your cell phone on the platform. Aside from locating your lost phone, the application covers more functions including:

  1. Ring your cell phone, helping you spot your cell phone nearby you.
  2. Lock your cell phone remotely, preventing others from accessing your valuable data on your cell phone.
  3. Wipe your Android device.
  4. Geofencing.

Price: Less than $ 1 per month

Download: Only for Android

Top 3: Glympse

Glympse is a free and simple-designed location tracker that allows you to get the real-time location of your friends by number. You can need to send a “Glympse” (an online message), then you can connect with your friends with ease. Also, your families and friends can view your live location without signing up for an account. The app can be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you can feel free to keep a tab on your families and friends by phone number.

Price: free

Download: Both Android and iOS devices

Top 4: mSpy

As spyware, mSpy has a wide coverage of functionalities ranging from GPS location tracking to social media tracking, call log recording, and so on. What makes it apart from other tools is that it can let you track someone’s location by phone number anonymously. The mobile tracker app can be available for both Android and iOS on the mobile side as well as macOS and Windows on the computer side. In addition, if you want to track your cell phone, the handy features it offers can let you sync your data, freeing you from the unease of losing your data.

Price: Different price packages according to the functions you choose

Download: Both Android and iOS on the mobile side, and Windows and macOS on the computer side.

Top 5: Find My

Find My might be the optimal phone locator for iOS users. The tool is free and easy to activate, and it can trace any iOS device on the planet. Once you have signed up for Apple credentials on Find My, you will be about to track phone location in real time. Also, the app can provide you with more functions:

  1. Play a sound to let you improve the chance of finding your cell phone nearby you.
  2. Get a lost mode enabled, preventing others from accessing your cell phone.
  3. Erase your date if you will never get your cell phone back.

Price: Free

Download: Only for iOS devices

What should we consider when choosing a phone number tracker?

Nowadays, you can find a host of phone tracker apps that deliver firm pledges to help you track your cell phone—everything from the paid to the free ones. However, not everyone works as advertised. Here we have some tips to help you choose the best one:

  1. Ease of use. An easy-to-use phone tracking tool can simplify the location process for you without any complex things and unnecessary steps.
  2. Secure and reliable to use. The focus of a location tracking app can lie in reliability and security, for nothing is worth exchanging at the expense of our privacy. Some phone tracking apps require us to elevate privileges to get the tracking features enabled. It means you need to root your Android and jailbreak your iPhone. However, it might let the app have full control of your cell phone, which can do harm to your data security.
  3. Offer what you need. When choosing the phone number tracker, you should take your actual demands into consideration. You should check out the tool before you purchase the service.
  4.  Affordable prices. It is our human nature that we should purchase high-quality service at a considerate price. Therefore, apart from considering the actual need, you should consider whether it is worthy for you to pay for the service.

The bottom line:

Above is a comprehensive guide on effective tools to track phone location. Do you have any other recommendations? Just share with us below!


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