Life 360 is a smart and versatile family guardian that brings families closer with the blessings of handy features. Along with the fervent for location sharing and tracking, Life 360 has accumulated scores of followers who support its location tracking services.  However, astonishing news has thumped the company—The research conducted by Markup has concealed a shaming truth that Life 360 is selling users’ location data for profits. The news has given users a whack, and most of you must long for a reliable replacement. This post is here to help you out!

Review of Life 360 location tracker:

Life 360 is a prevalent location-sharing app that allows you to share location information with family members, friends, and others. You are required to establish a private family circle and invite someone you want to track. Upon his participation in the group, you will be able to keep tabs on his whereabouts. You can invite your whole family or friends to join in the circle, where you can just track someone’s location in real time by switching their profiles on the screen.

However, the perspective of the company has been overshadowed by the scandal of sharing or selling customer information. The revelation of this scandal leads to deeper insight into privacy issues and data protection. Therefore, a question might rise here: Which one should be the most reliable one for tracking the location of your loved ones? Keep reading, and you must learn a lot from the following parts.

Top three alternatives to Life 360 location tracker:

Considering the credibility and functions, we have picked up the top three alternatives to the Life 360 location tracker among assorted products in the market. Let’s have a closer look at our top list here!

Top 1: MLocator

Before we get closer to MLocator, let’s get a problem addressed firstly—How easy can location tracking be in the modern era? Still, make a phone call? Send a text message or voice message to ask for the location? Ok, let’s say the above might be too obsoleted, for we can track location by phone number in seconds. More importantly, you can even be free from any app installation. MLocator can be the one that can render you a such hassle-free experience. MLocator is an online phone number tracker which lets you find the exact whereabouts of someone by phone number. We can benefit from MLocator in several aspects:

  1. Current and precise location result by phone number, which can help you connect with your loved ones or lost mobile device in seconds.
  2. No need for app installation. You can track phone location online without app activation. A few clicks can lead you to a wonderland that links you and your loved ones.
  3. Cutting-edge encryption technology, which will neither store any personal information nor expose valuable data.
  4. User-friendly design. The tracker is easy to use. You can trace a phone number by tabbing on one button.
  5. Impose no limitations on location tracking. You can track any phone regardless of time and regional boundaries.

Verdict: Compared with Life 360, MLocator can free you from the preinstallation of applications. Also, you don’t need to establish a family circle, which needs one’s permission to join in. The specialized phone number locator enables you to identify the current location of a cell phone by number without restriction. With a click and you can get an accurate result!

Top 2: Hoverwatch

If you are searching for something that goes beyond a location tracker, Hoverwatch can be one of your best options. Fully-featured Hoverwatch is aimed at unfolding layers on one’s mobile phone. Apart from location tracking, it also covers services ranging from keeping an eye on one’s social media to tracking one’s call logs. Hoverwatch is such a powerful mobile tracker that it has been a thriving mobile tracker in the market. It is convenient for you to track phone location with Hoverwatch—A click into the dashboard, and the app is chasing the location for you remotely.

Verdict: Mobile trackers have been universally applied in family life during the past few years, for parents who want to prevent kids from addiction to digital devices. Despite the numerous handy features, you must know that your Android needs to root if you want to enjoy advanced features. Rooting might make your cell phone vulnerable to virus infection. Also, unlike MLocator, it can’t support the iOS system.

Top 3: Native phone locators

Native phone locators are designed for locating a lost phone initially. Also, it can help you track someone’s location as well. However, you need to note that you have to get to know the account password of your target if you use the native services to track a cell phone. Or it won’t work out the problem. You can conduct the tracking processes both online and on the app version.

Verdict: Native phone locators are free and easy for you to use. However, all of the tracking can only be effective when you know the account password of your target. Therefore, it might cost you some effort to get this task done.

The final words:

We sincerely hope that you can learn from today’s post, and choose the right one according to your actual needs. If you have any other problems, please leave your comments below!



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