Well, have you ever been curious about what someone can do with your cell phone number? Especially when you give your mobile contact details to others or when you fill out forms online. If you did, then you have come to the correct place.

As mobile phone numbers are becoming a privacy and security issue, let’s check out the below things that someone can do when they access your cell phone number and what you can do to protect against hackers.

Things Others Could Do with Your Cell Phone Number

Now, let’s start with the downside of sharing a phone number with others and take a look at some of the potential risks when someone else has your phone number.

1. Lookup details info

It’s crucial to note that when you are about to give your cell phone number out to a new friend or stranger you need to treat it with caution. Because they can look up your details online through just your phone number. The internet and market have a lot of phone number lookup tools available these days, and, with only a small fee, hackers and scammers are able to and have access to collect your personal information as much as possible online. So, how much info can someone get from a cell phone number? Check this!

  • Past or current address.
  • Email address.
  • Your assets.
  • All your criminal records.
  • Social media account.
  • another online account.
  • And more.

2. Create a new account

This might sound strange, but, data hackers could indeed use your current mobile number to insight your contact details. More than that, they can also take advantage of your number to open a new account or upgrade your phone plan for improper or illegal purposes. What’s worse, you would be surprised at receiving a new bill for services that are not used.

3. Sell data to a third party

Whenever you receive promotional marketing SMS, emails, or phone calls, have you ever wondered how they get to know your mobile phone number? Well, your number not only provides a good opportunity for mobile marketing companies in your own country but what’s more, from all over the world. Some phone providers and organizations can gather and sell your mobile number for promotional marketing, therefore, just make sure to safeguard your cell phone number whenever and wherever you use it.

4. Track phone location

In addition, to collect your details info or resell them to third parties, another thing you need to be aware of is that your location can also be monitored at all times. There are many and various reasons for people to keep track of someone’s location, for whatever purposes, it is an invasion of the other’s privacy. The Wi-Fi and GPS technology or tracking capabilities helps make it easy for people to track someone’s phone through a phone number is possible. Be it employers, spouses, parents or minor children, etc.

5. Online threats

So, what will happen if someone gets to know your current location? Sometimes, when you release your cell phone number to others, you might probably receive some threatening messages from them. And, all these could lead to violence, murder, kidnapping, a series of threats, and more.

How to Protect Yourself Against Hackers?

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What can a hacker do with your cell phone number?”, on top of that, here are some other preventive steps to take if a hacker gets hold of your mobile number:

1. Use another way to get in touch with others

If you get an unauthorized SMS from a contact that you don’t recognize, you should always treat it as a suspicious email asking you for money, and remember, don’t click on a link inside the content. If your phone receives an unknown call, do not pick it up, but use another phone to call your phone provider and ask them to check the status for you immediately.

2. Protect your privacy

One of the important things for you to keep in mind is that do not display your phone number on any social media platforms, and always be discreet about chatting with strangers on social media apps. Besides, double-check or review your credit card bills, bank statements, and phone call records, if something goes off, report it to the police station immediately. In case you need to fill in your personal information online, make sure that you will not use the same usernames and passwords across different websites. Or try to set your passwords long, complicated, and difficult to guess.

To Wrap up

In the end, as you know by now, there may not be an effective way to completely prevent hackers or scammers from getting access to your phone number. However, knowing what they can do with your number, and how to protect yourself against them can help you avoid scams and keep your vital information safe.


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