GPS Phone Tracker

MLocator tracks any mobile device's GPS location by phone number precisely. Enter the target number and receive the real-time geolocation instantly.

Locate any iPhone or Android phone regardless of the operator, brand or model by entering a phone number in the international format.

How to Track a Phone Number Using GPS?

  • Input a Phone Number

    Input the phone number connected to the target mobile device in the search box.

  • Global GPS Phone Tracking

    MLocator initiates global tracking of your device with GPS technology. This could take some time.

  • Secure Payment

    Pay for the service by credit card to view your device's geolocation.

  • Receive GPS Coordinates

    The GPS coordinates will be shown on a map and sent to you through SMS and email.

Your Robust and Convenient GPS Cell Phone Locator

  • 01/4

    Real-time GPS Phone Tracker to Track Any Phone

    A powerful GPS location tracker that tracks any phone online in real-time. As a robust GPS mobile number tracker, MLocator provides instant access to data on the whereabouts of any phone device regardless of its operating system, cell service provider, or model. Users will enjoy a GPS phone tracker that simplifies keeping track of loved ones or lost and stolen devices without prior installation or consent.
    Real-time GPS Phone Tracker to Track Any Phone
  • 02/4

    Gain Accurate GPS Location by Phone Number

    When it comes to receiving visible, comprehensive, and real-time location data, MLocator is the answer. Using data directly from GPS satellites, this GPS cell phone locator offers precise and accurate coordinates of the target device. It is a handy, and reliable solution to unravel the GPS location of any device by phone number.
    Gain Accurate GPS Location by Phone Number
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    Global GPS Coordinate Locator

    As an advanced GPS phone locator online, MLocator can track any phone anywhere across the globe. It leverages up-to-date global positioning satellite (GPS) coordinates, ensuring access to accurate geographical data and total visibility. With MLocator, All the information required is just a few taps away.
    Global GPS Coordinate Locator
  • 04/4

    View GPS Location on PC or Another Phone

    Users can access GPS location data, whether they are on another phone or PC. This GPS coordinates finder works entirely online, offering a compatible tool to keep track of your loved ones or lost devices from anywhere and at any time. Simply access our website on any device with a stable network, and you can start tracking and viewing GPS location with ease.
    View GPS Location on PC or Another Phone
  • Remote Geotracking

    MLocator's GPS tracking helps you stay aware and informed about a loved one's whereabouts from your comfort zone. The ideal way to keep track of all phone devices, anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to Navigate

    This Online GPS Phone tracker features an intuitive, browser-based system that is effortless to use. An ideal tracking system that matches the needs of different kinds of users.
  • Robust & Worldwide GPS Phone Tracking

    MLocator detects and responds to accurate GPS coordinates enabling real-time visibility while minimizing room for error or losing track of target devices.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is GPS and how does it work?

GPS or Global Positioning System is a navigation system using 24 satellites orbiting the Earth, a receiver, and algorithms to calculate location, velocity, and time data for air, sea, and land travel. Hence, GPS receivers in devices like your phone can pick up these GPS signals to calculate and pinpoint your location on Earth.


How to locate phone through GPS?


How to locate GPS coordinates on Google Maps?


How to find lost phone using GPS?


Can GPS cellphone locator work without internet?


Can I locate all phones using your GPS phone number tracker?

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