Locate Android Phone by Phone Number

Locate any Android device by phone number with MLocator to obtain the precise location effortlessly! This reliable Android phone locator digs out a precise geolocation to suit every need.

Locate any iPhone or Android phone regardless of the operator, brand or model by entering a phone number in the international format.

How to Track an Android Phone

  • Enter A Phone Number

    Input the phone number linked to the target device in the search box.

  • Track iPhone Location

    MLocator will start tracking the location of your Android device worldwide using satellite. This process might take a while.

  • Secure Payment

    Pay for the service by credit card to view your Android location.

  • Receive Android Geolocation

    MLocator will send you a map displaying the iPhone geolocation via SMS and email.

A Reliable Android Phone Tracker to Track Any Android Device

  • 01/4

    Find Lost/Stolen Android Devices

    Tracking Android phones via MLocator can enhance the chances of obtaining your lost or stolen Android devices. This Android phone locator geolocates the location by GPS tracking. As long as your devices are equipped with SIM cards or eSIM technology, MLocator retrieves the precise geolocations for you. Fear no more if your Android phone is missing.
    Find Lost/Stolen Android Devices
  • 02/4

    Locate Multiple Android Phones, No Matter Brands

    MLocator is able to locate diverse brands of Android phones, including Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Motorola, Nothing, Xiaomi, and more. No matter what brand or version your Android phone is, MLocator can trace it and display the smartphone's geodata on the map.
    Locate Multiple Android Phones, No Matter Brands
  • 03/4

    Find Android by Phone Number with Ease

    This online Android phone tracker features a user-friendly interface and intuitive process to find your Android devices with ease. It does not require downloading or learning any skills. As long as you input the phone number or the IMEI code linked to the target device, the tracking service is initiated.
    Find Android by Phone Number with Ease
  • 04/4

    Track Your Android Phones, Smartwatches and Tablets

    This phone tracker for Android goes beyond smartphone tracking. It's also designed for searching for Android smartwatches and tablets and digging out the geo-position. Whether you wish to find lost devices or ensure the safety of loved ones, MLocator can aid you in every way.
    Track Your Android Phones, Smartwatches and Tablets
  • Find Android by Satellite within Seconds

    MLocator digs out the target device's location by requesting geo-data via satellite. The whole process is done within seconds.
  • Remote Tracking

    With global data tracking technology, MLocator can track the location remotely and instantly, no matter the distance.
  • Intuitive Interface & Navigation

    MLocator features a user-friendly interface for users to locate Android devices within a few clicks. Even tech newbies can easily navigate the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find my lost Android phone if the location is off?

Finding your lost Android phone if the location is off is difficult if using the built-in Find My Device. It requires your device to be turned on. However, finding the lost phone by phone number can be the alternative solution. Take MLocator as an example. Input the phone number linked to the target device and the tracking service will be initiated. MLocator will send data requests from the satellite and retrieve the location instantly. In this way, you can find the lost phone even if the location is off.


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