Best Tracking Device for Kids 2024

Picking the best tracking device for kids comes to mind when you need one to keep an eye on your precious little ones. No doubt, kids can be tough to keep track of. As they grow their schedules get complicated and they even sometimes try to evade your supervision. That’s why you might need a tracking device for kids to monitor their location in real-time while giving them the independence they desire.

What Is a Kids Tracking Device?

Kids tracking devices often combine GPS technology and cell tower data to help you monitor your children’s location in real-time. This extremely useful tool is perfect for when your kid is walking home from anywhere alone or even when you’re going out together to a crowded space. Trackers also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them include kids’ tracking watches, smartphones, kids’ tracking suites, kids’ tracking shoes, spikes, and even tracking bracelets for kids. 

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Best Tracking Device for Kids in 2024

The best tracking device for kids should offer accurate and dependable tracking, customizable alerts, and long battery life. Other vital features include SOS buttons, geo-fencing, privacy, and safety features. To help you pick the best tracking device, we looked at 8 different trackers that can help you monitor your kid’s whereabouts for that much-needed peace of mind.

Jiobit Smart Tag

Joibit Smart tag fits discreetly into your child’s clothes, belt loop, shoes, or backpacks. It comes as part of the Life360 tracking network. So, once you subscribe to the Life360 network, you can easily track your child accurately in real time. This smart tag also has a month-long battery life. You can also set up geo-fencing alerts and access their location history data to know where they’ve been. There’s also a panic button they can press in any emergency. Plus, there’s robust encryption, security, and privacy to ensure that your data is protected.

Jiobit Smart Tag


  • Location-tracking through Wi-Fi, Cellular, and GPS technology
  • Dedicated to kids but can be used on your fur babies too.
  • Locking pin.
  • Shockproof and waterproof.
  • Customizable Geo-fencing alerts and SOS button
  • Month-long battery life 
  • Supports iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Comes with mobile apps for on-the-go tracking 


  • No location history data 
  • No two-way talk.

💰Price: The device costs $129 with a subscription of $8 – $17 monthly.

Apple AirTag

Apple Airtag is also a great tracking device for kids. It’s also super small (the size of a quarter), and discreet to fit on backpacks of all sizes. Plus you can get special wearable accessories like keyrings and silicone holders for your AirTags. 

However, AirTags are not true GPS trackers because they can only stay online if they are within 30 feet of someone’s internet-enabled iOS device. 

Apple AirTag

Your Apple Airtag also uses your Apple Find My Network. If you can’t find it, just make it play a sound with its built-in speaker or even flash a light.


  • Year-long battery
  • Water-resistant and super small
  • Built-in speaker to play a sound and find your kids with ease. 
  • No monthly subscription


  • Works only with IOS devices. 
  • No lanyard hole
  • Not as accurate after 30-feet
  • No geofencing alerts or scheduled location updates.
  • Not great for tracking things in motion.

💰Price: costs $29 with no monthly subscription. 

Apple Watch

You can set up an Apple Watch as your kids’ tracking watch to work with your iCloud network. As a kids tracker watch, you’ll get features like loud-sirens, frequent updates, geo-fencing lets, and two-way calling. 

Apple Watch

You don’t also have to buy the latest Apple Watch. The Apple Watch SE 2022 version is a smart GPS tracker for kids. 

There’s also a fall detection that attempts to call emergency services if ever the user wearing it has a catastrophic fall. Plus Apple watches are pretty sleek making them a great choice for older kids.


  • Geo-fencing and scheduled location updates 
  • Two-way calling, SOS button, and crash alert


  • Battery drains pretty fast 
  • Works only with IOS devices 

💰Price: $249 upfront (Apple Watch SE 2022), no monthly subscription

Xplora X5 Play

Besides GPS monitoring features, the Xplora X5 Play watch also comes with other features you would love such as a camera, text messaging, and voice calling. Kids love the camera as it can take impressive photos and store them with a 1080p resolution. 

Xplora X5 Play

Additionally, the Xplora X5 allows your kids to earn an Xcoin for every 1,000 steps which they can redeem for real price. It’s a great tool to encourage kids to meet their daily steps goals.

However, it needs a SIM card from either AT&T or T-Mobile for it to work. 


  • Comes with a step counter to help your children track their fitness
  • Camera, text messaging, geofencing, and SOS modes.
  • Some models can last a day on standby.
  • Waterproof and durable


  • No video calling 
  • Requires separate SIM card to work
  • Only works with T-mobile and AT&T

💰Price: $7.99 yearly

SyncUp Kids Watch

SyncUp Kids watch is also an amazing kids tracker watch that comes with a camera, calls, and text-messaging features. Besides the GPS tracking features, it also has a task manager where you can add chores or other tasks for your kids. However, you don’t get any other apps. This helps reduce distractions.

SyncUp Kids Watch

This kids tracking watch costs about $174 as a standalone but is free under your T-Mobile account, then it’s free. The interface of this kid’s watch with a GPS tracker is also easy to use and playful. But, it needs to be connected to your T-Mobile account to work.


  • Comes with a task manager and camera
  • Week-long battery
  • Easy and fun for young kids to use
  • Free with a service plan 
  • Voice and video calling 


  • Scratches easily

💰Fee: $174 as standalone.

Gabb Watch

Gabb Watch is a budget-friendly kids’ watch with a GPS tracker. It comes with all the GPS tracking features you need, plus a task manager and two-way voice call feature. 

Gabb Watch

However, there are no other apps on the watch, which is to help reduce distractions. Still, you’ll need to sign up for a dedicated monthly plan via Gabb Wireless (contracted to Verizon network) to use this watch. Bear in mind that your entire household doesn’t have to be on the Verizon network to use it.


  • Geofencing, GPS tracking, and SOS button
  • Real-time location updates
  • 24-hour battery. 
  • Two-way voice calls and text messaging  


  • No video calling 

💰Fee: $149.00 for the watch, and $9.99 per month.

Angelsense GPS Trackers

The Angelsense GPS tracker is one of the best tracking devices for kids. It also comes in a variety of wearable options such as magnetic fasteners, cut-to-fit belts, watch bands, belt clips, arm bands, and even an undershirt that holds the AngelSense in a pocket. So, it’s a great tool even for kids with sensory sensitivity. 

Angelsense GPS Trackers

And besides its GPS features, there’s an AutoAnswer Speakerphone on the tag, for two-way calls and SOS alarms. Additionally, there’s Safe Ride monitoring, so you can monitor their routes, average speed, and ETA which is great for those field trips and carpooling. 


  • Tracks kids using GPS and cellular networks
  • Works for both iOS and Android devices
  • Customize periodic location updates
  • Offers video calls, texting, SOS button, geo-fencing and ride monitoring 


  • Very expensive to use. 
  • The battery needs charging daily

💰Fees: $229 upfront, plus $45 monthly.

Lil Tracker 2G Kids’ GPS Tracker Watch

Lil Tracker is a fascinating kids tracking watch that’s so easy to use. It offers impressive accuracy alongside an in-app map that works from your phone. You can also set up geofences and notifications, alongside calling and texting your kids at any time. 

Lil Tracker 2G Kids' GPS Tracker Watch

LilTracker also features an SOS button, a digital camera, and even a fitness tracker. However, we reviewed the 2G model, which works with Videotron, Fido Rogers, and any other cheap cellular network. You can always opt for the 4G model if you like. The only problem you might have is the LilTracker app, which is called SeTracker2 on iOS and Android. The app is riddled with errors, and the navigation can be confusing. 


  • Added features like digital camera and fitness tracker
  • Set up geofences and scheduled location updates
  • Track route histories and remove detection alerts
  • Also tracks fitness data like steps and calories burned
  • Water-resistant and durable 
  • 24-hour battery power 
  • Two-way calling 
  • One-way listening 


  • The app is clunky and confusing 
  • Requires third-party cellular network

💰Fees: $124.99 for the device.

Best forFeesGeo-fencingReal-time trackingBattery lifeTwo-way talk
Jiobit Smart TagLocation-tracking for young kids $130 with $4 – $15 monthly.YesYesOne weekNo
Apple AirtagFinding lost items or tracking kids with no monthly fee$29 no monthly fees.NoNoOne yearNo
Apple WatchRobust features for older kids Starting from $200, no monthly feesYesYes 1-2 daysYes
Xplora X5 PlayTech-savvy and fitness-minded kids  $150YesYes72 hours (on standby)Yes
SyncUp Kids WatchWearable watch for T-mobile network users$174YesYes4-7 daysYes
Gabb WatchSimple calling and safety features$149.00, and $9.99/mo.YesYes24-48 hoursYes
Angelsense GPS trackersKids with special needs 149.00 and $44.99 monthly.YesYes24 hoursYes
Lil Tracker 2Gb Kids’ GPS Tracker WatchBudget-friendly option$124 upfront, and Any cheap subscription.YesYes2-4 daysYes

What is the best way to track my child?

There’s no one best way to track your child. It all depends on the kid’s age and maturity level, the types of trackers you prefer and of course making sure that your kid’s data and whereabouts are private and secure. 

However, when you want a no-frills option that doesn’t require a steep monthly subscription and will track real-time GPS information, MLocator is a great idea. MLocator works by locating your kids using their phone numbers. It triangulates their location with a precision error of up to 3 meters.  Online GPS phone trackers like MLocator are more discreet and won’t run down your kid’s phone battery in the process. You’ll also love that they don’t require specialized installations and can work from any operating model. 

However, the downside with such tools is that you constantly have to go back and restart the process of finding their location. That’s quite unlike tracking apps and devices that would allow you to monitor your kid’s location in real-time and when they’re on the move. Some devices will also let you set up updates that notify you about their location every few minutes. The only downside to such devices is the need for battery power and costly devices and subscription packages. 

If you’d like to use MLocator to track your kids, here’s how to do it:

  • Go to MLocator and enter the number you want to track
  • Enter your kid’s phone number and tap “Search”.
  • Enter your email address
input a phone number and an email address on MLocator
  • Finally, click “Locate”.
  • Pay the tracking fee and select “Submit Order”.
submit order on MLocator
  • Receive geo-location results via email. This would also include GPS coordinates that you can check via map to see their location. 

Applications of Kids Tracking Devices 

There are many scenarios where you should get a kid’s tracking device. Let’s talk about some of them.

  1. Training for pre-phone years 

When you have kids who you don’t want to use phones yet, tracking devices, especially accessories you can pin on their backpacks, or bikes can help you keep tabs on them. That way, you can put off getting them a real phone until it’s necessary.

  1. A great way to give more independence

Allowing your kids to get home on their own, stroll around the neighborhood, or go on short errands without an adult can be daunting. A tracking device helps you balance giving them some sort of freedom while maintaining control. 

  1. Emergency SOS tools 

Kids with disabilities, medical conditions, or allergies can benefit from extra tools like GPS tracking which helps ensure their independence while managing risks. Often the best tracking device for kids will be SOS buttons that call 911 or your emergency contacts on default.

  1. Keep track in crowded spaces 

It can be tiring finding your kids in the crowd, especially at the mall or some event. Trackers can help you monitor their movements, even when you cannot see them physically. 

Should parents be allowed to put GPS trackers in their children?

Parents are allowed to track their kids using GPS trackers because kids cannot legally consent (until they are 18 years and older). However, experts suggest honest and open communication with your child about tracking them. You should explain that tracking isn’t about mistrust but about their safety and well-being. 

And depending on their age, you should also ask them how they feel about it. All kids of all ages will appreciate the honesty and allow them to be a part of the decision-making. That way, you can strive to achieve a balance between safety while respecting your child’s independence and privacy. 

Wrap Up

Now you have a laundry list of the best tracking devices for kids. You can pick the right GPS tracker for you depending on its battery life, alerts, portability, and off-course price. Undoubtedly, GPS trackers help you achieve a nice balance in terms of control while giving your kids some freedom. With features like mobile alerts, geofences, and activity tracking, they can make family outings and their solo adventures safe and easy on your heart. 


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