GPS Phone Tracker

As an online GPS phone tracker, MLocator tracks any device's location by merely a phone number. Input the phone number of the target device and retrieve the real-time location within seconds.

Locate any iPhone or Android phone regardless of the operator, brand or model by entering a phone number in the international format.

How to GPS A Phone Number

  • Input A Phone Number

    Input the phone number linked to the target device in the search box.

  • Worldwide GPS Phone Tracking

    MLocator starts tracking the location of your device worldwide by utilizing GPS technology. This process might take a while.

  • Secure Payment

    Pay for the service by credit card to view your device's location.

  • Receive GPS Coordinates

    The GPS coordinates will be displayed on a map sent to you via SMS as well as email.

Your Trustable GPS Cell Phone Locator

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    GPS Location by Phone Number Within Seconds

    GPS locating your cellphone on MLocator is effortless and time-saving. Simply launch our website and start locating any mobile device with only an associated phone number. The online application is easy to navigate and does not require downloading or any skills.
    GPS Location by Phone Number Within Seconds
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    Instant & Accurate Phone GPS Coordinates

    Once users input a phone number, the GPS tracking service will be initiated immediately. Our platform exploits the accurate GPS satellites, also known as the global position system, to detect the location of the target device. The satellite transmits a specific signal and orbital parameters used by GPS receivers to calculate the target device's precise location.
    Instant & Accurate Phone GPS Coordinates
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    Offline GPS Phone Number Tracker

    Based on GPS's working principle, GPS tracking does not require any internet connection. In other words, the mobile tracking process can be done offline. Whether the targeting device is damaged or turned off, MLocator can still trace its location. However, users still need a network to receive the location details.
    Offline GPS Phone Number Tracker
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    GPS Tracking Diverse Mobile Devices

    MLocator can track diverse mobile devices equipped with a GPS chip, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other portable gadgets. Solely enter the phone number associated with the gadget, you can conduct Android GPS tracking, iPhone GPS tracking and more in a few clicks.
    GPS Tracking Diverse Mobile Devices
  • Powerful& Global GPS Phone Tracking

    MLocator's GPS system works 24/7, allowing users to conduct global GPS phone tracking anytime.
  • Real-time Geotracking

    Our application detects and responds with accurate GPS coordinates in real-time, effectively lessening the chances of losing the target device.
  • Ease of use

    This online GPS phone tracker features an intuitive interface to shortcut the tracking process for our users.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can You GPS Track a SIM Card Location Without the Phone?

No, it's barely possible to only GPS track a SIM card location without the associated phone. The GPS only works together with GPS hardware, such as smartphones or GPS trackers. It's the GPS chips inside these mobile devices that receive the signals from satellites and calculate the exact location of a device or a user. The SIM card doesn't have GPS capabilities and connects to device to the mobile network.


How to GPS a phone number?


Do GPS locating services work with any phone number?


Can I track a lost or stolen phone using its phone number?

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