Locate Phone by IMEI

Precisely locate your phone by unique IMEI number online with MLocator! Within seconds, MLocator locates the target device and display the geo-location on a map.

Locate any iPhone or Android phone regardless of the operator, brand or model by entering a phone number in the international format.

How to Track Phone with IMEI

  • Input A Phone Number

    Input the phone number linked to target device's IMEI code in the search box.

  • Track Location Worldwide

    MLocator starts tracking the location of your device worldwide by utilizing IMEI code and satellite communications. This process might take a while.

  • Secure Payment

    Pay for the service by credit card to view your device's location.

  • Receive Geolocation

    The geolocation will be displayed on a map sent via SMS as well as email.

Your Trustworthy Phone Tracker by IMEI Number

  • 01/4

    Seamless Process to Detect IMEI Code and Find Your Phone

    The MLocator application detects the IMEI code of your phone and exploits satellites to find your phone seamlessly. All it needs is the phone number linked to your device, without bothering to lookup the actual IMEI code. The automatic tracking service saves you time and effort.
    Seamless Process to Detect IMEI Code and Find Your Phone
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    Find Phone by IMEI without Contacting Officials

    MLocator allows you to find your lost phone by IMEI without contacting the officials, such as mobile carriers or police. To start tracking devices with IMEI, simply specify the phone number on the target devices and initiate the tracking service. With this method, you can skip the reporting and waiting process and retrieve your lost phone's location earlier.
    Find Phone by IMEI without Contacting Officials
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    Find iPhones & Android Phones by Tracing IMEI Number

    All mobile phones and devices are tagged with a unique identification or serial number, known as IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. iPhones and Android phones are no exceptions. Enter the phone number associated with the same device as the IMEI number, you can find the locations of iPhones, Android phones, and more through our platform.
    Find iPhones & Android Phones by Tracing IMEI Number
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    Search Mobile by IMEI Number on the Map

    The online phone tracker searches mobile devices by IMEI number and displays the real-time location on the map. In addition, MLocator can track multiple devices using their respective IMEI numbers. Mark down the geo-locations on the map to check the routines or distance between different devices.
    Search Mobile by IMEI Number on the Map
  • Find Any Device via IMEI Online

    MLocator is compatible with various devices. As long as you have a network connection, you can find your phone, tablet or other device via IMEI online.
  • Legal & Accurate Phone Locating

    Lawfulness and accuracy are prioritized by MLocator. Rest assured that the phone locating services abide by the law.
  • Privacy Protected

    User's privacy is well protected as all the tracking data, such as phone location, will be erased from our servers once you exit the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I find my phone without IMEI?

Yes. You can find your phone without an IMEI number. Not all people know the IMEI number of their devices. If you wish to find your phone without using the IMEI code, you can try entering the phone number associated with the target device on MLocator, an online phone tracking website. The site will employ the GPS tracking service and find your phone location in a short time.


Can I find an iPhone owner with IMEI number?


Can police track my stolen phone by IMEI?


Can IMEI number be tracked without SIM?


What happens if IMEI is bad?

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