Locate iPhone by Phone Number

Whether you want to locate an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, MLocator is here to help. Easily find my iPhone only with a phone number online.

Locate any iPhone or Android phone regardless of the operator, brand or model by entering a phone number in the international format.

How to Locate an iPhone

  • Input A Phone Number

    Input the phone number linked to the target device in the search box.

  • Track Location Worldwide

    MLocator will start tracking the location of your iPhone worldwide using satellite. This process might take a while.

  • Secure Payment

    Pay for the service by credit card to view your iPhone location.

  • Receive iPhone Geolocation

    The geolocation will be displayed on a map sent via SMS as well as email.

A Powerful iPhone Tracker by Phone Number

  • 01/4

    Track iPhone by Phone Number

    Experience seamless experience with MLocator to track iPhone location. Our interface is intuitive for most users. Simply enter the phone number you wish to track, and effortlessly geolocate the target device within seconds.
    Track iPhone by Phone Number
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    Find Lost iPhone by Number

    MLocator is able to find a lost iPhone even if it's turned off. Once you have access to the phone number linked to the SIM card, this online iPhone locator geolocates the final location of the lost iPhone before it's dead and presents the location on the map to you. Locating lost iPhones by phone numbers can be an effective solution to eliminate your loss.
    Find Lost iPhone by Number
  • 03/4

    Find iPhone without iCloud or Apple Locator

    MLocator provides GPS tracking tech to target your Apple devices without iCloud or Apple Locators, offering users more flexibility. Still, it's a safe and legal method to track iPhone without jailbreaking or rooting the device. Whether you seek to pinpoint the location of your lost phone or monitor the whereabouts of your loved ones, rest assured that our service suits your needs in a reliable way.
    Find iPhone without iCloud or Apple Locator
  • 04/4

    Locate an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch by Satellite

    A unique feature of MLocator is to locate diverse Apple devices even without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. With a strong satellite connection and a SIM card or eSIM tech in the device, MLocator can trace an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and dig out the locations in a short time.
    Locate an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch by Satellite
  • Search for More Than iPhone

    We built MLocator to work on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch as long as with built-in SIM cards. Find all your Apple devices with only one MLocator account.
  • High Accuracy in Location Tracking

    With enhanced GPS locating capabilities, the resulting location range can be narrowed down to within 3 meters.
  • Find iPhone within Seconds

    Rest assured that accuracy and efficiency are the priority of MLocator. Tracking your iPhone can be done in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I trace a location by phone number?

Tracing a location by phone number can be effortless with MLocator. Simply enter the number you seek to look up, wait for the locating process, pay for the service and check the resulting geolocation. The online application does not require you to download any apps. As long as you have a network connection, you can access the phone tracking service on cellphones, tablets or computers.


Can I find my iPhone if it is off/dead?


Can I find someone else's iPhone with a phone number?


Can I find someone's Apple ID by their phone number?


How can I locate my Apple Watch by Phone Number?


How can I find an iPad's location?

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