Best Online GPS Phone Trackers in 2024

An online GPS phone tracker is handy when locating friends, tracking children, navigating cities and even finding our favorite restaurants. They can even help you find more details about mysterious calls, and evade traffic. 

There are many ways GPS tracking can help. But then picking the best online GPS phone tracker depends on your expectations. This article will guide you on picking the ideal mobile phone gps tracker online and how to use it.

What Is a GPS Phone Tracker?

A GPS phone tracker helps monitor the location of any phone by keeping track of the GPS signals from satellites about that phone. 

GPS Phone Tracker

There are over 30 satellites constantly whizzing around the Earth creating a giant space network. 

Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking involves using these satellites to transmit signals to GPS receivers on the ground. In simplest terms, your smartphone has built-in GPS technology. 

So, it connects to three or more satellites through the trilateration process to figure out its location based on how long it takes for each signal from the satellite to travel to the phone (timing) and the angles at which the signals come. 

Best 6 Online GPS Phone Trackers in 2024

FeaturesMLocatorHoverwatchAnyControlFree Phone tracerYotracer
CompatibilityWorks with any browser, phone model, or brand.Works for Mac, Android, and Windows, with no support for iPhones & iPads.Only works for Android phonesWorks on any browserWorks on any browser
Core feature Tracks live location via phone numberTracks complete phone and location activityTracks complete phone and location activityFind details about the owner of the phone numberFind the location via cell phone number
Privacy ProtectionGreat privacy protectionGreat privacy protectionDecent privacy protection.No privacy protection, ads might lead to phishing scamsNot secure, ads might lead to phishing scams. 
Tracking timeNeeds less than 30 seconds.Easy setup, tracking occurs in real-time.Set up is tricky, after which tracking happens in real-time.Tracking takes more than an hourRequires about 20 minutes
CostStarts from $0.89Starts from $29 per tracked deviceStarts from $40 per tracked deviceStarts from $1 for 100 reportsFree
App installationNo apps.Yes, Android and iOS apps.Android appNo appsNo need to install an app
Performance Fast, does not affect the performance of your devices.Fast, may affect the performance of target devices.May cause crashing, and drain the phone batterySuper slowHighly intrusive ads slow down processing time.


MLocator is an amazing online GPS phone tracker that works directly from your browser. All you need is a phone number to quickly find its location with an accuracy margin of up to 3 meters. This tool works by using the satellite, alongside cell towers to pinpoint the precise location. Plus, you can track any phone, no matter the brand, model or operator. 

Follow the steps below to use MLocator GPS tracking:

  • Enter the number you want to track and tap “Locate”
  • Type in your email  That’s where the results of your tracking will be sent. Also, tick the box for the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
input phone number on online GPS phone number tracker
  • MLocator finds and validates the number you are tracking within seconds.
MLocator searching locations
  • Once it’s found information and the location of the phone number, you’ll be prompted to the checkout page. 
  • After paying the fee at checkout, the results will be sent to your email. 
pay to unlock full result on MLocator

😍 Highlights

  • It can track multiple devices at once 
  • The perfect tool for tracking down phone numbers anywhere in the world.
  • Allows you to reverse lookup information and live location about mysterious calls. 

🤔 Limitations 

  • It does not provide real-time phone monitoring 

💰 Price: starts from $0.89


Hoverwatch is a great online GPS phone tracker that goes beyond tracking just your phone. You can use Hoverwatch to record SMS, call history, audio, camera, and locations, and even monitor the social media activity of the tracked device. But to use this GPS tracking solution, you’ll need to download and install the mobile tracker on your target device. 

Follow these steps to use the Hoverwatch GPS phone tracker free online:

  • Sign up for the Hoverwatch mobile tracker and pay for your subscription. 
  • In your brand new Hoverwatch dashboard, you can add a device either by scanning code onto your device or searching for the device in your app store and installing it.

Note that Hoverwatch only works for Android, Windows, and MacOS. There’s no Hoverwatch app for monitoring iPhones.

Add new device to monitor on Hoverwatch
  • Download the Hoverwatch app to the devices you wish to track. In this case, we’re setting up on a Windows desktop.
  • After downloading the zip file, extract and enter the Hoverwatch default password and click OK.
set up Hoverwatch
  • Now open the file and install it.
  • Mark for the exact device you’re on. You can also mark to make sure the Hoverwatch icon is visible (or not).
Mark for the exact device you’re on
  • Next, tick the precise records you want to track on that device. Now you’ll need to enter your Hoverwatch email and password. Finally, click “Activate”.
tick the precise records you want to track on that device
  • Now you can go back to your Hoverwatch tracker online to view reports from the tracked device. As an alternative, Hoverwatch also has a viewing Android app

😍 Highlights

  • 360-degree monitoring of all internet activity
  • Can triangulate the location of the tracked phone using cell towers, Wi-Fi signals, and GPS
  • It also comes with a free keylogger for Windows and Mac to track all pressed keyboard buttons. 
  • Available to track up to 5 devices and more. 

🤔 Limitations 

  • Requires installing mobile apps on the target device which slows down performance on that device.
  • It’s quite pricey to use.  

💰 Price: Starts from $29.95 per month for 1 tracked device.


AnyControl is also decent for tracking mobile phones. It offers a robust solution that goes beyond pinpointing the locations of your employees or kids. You can track calls, text messages, social media activity, screenshots, and even control how they use the internet. All you need to do is download and install the AnyControl app on the target Android device. Then you can track them at any given time using your computer. 

Follow the prompts below to use the AnyControl mobile phone GPS tracker online:

  • Register for AnyControl by entering your email and preferred password. This gives you a free 24 hours to see everything the tool promises. However, you can’t track your phone numbers on the demo.
  • Now you need to download the APK file for AnyControl app directly on the target phone
  • Make sure to disable Google PlayStore first before installation. 
  • After installing it on the target Android device, you’ll need to complete your purchase of AnyControl to continue. 
  • Then you’ll enter the purchased license key to continue. 
  • Once you’re done installing, you can return to your desktop to start tracking via your dashboard from your computer. 
AnyControl panel

😍 Highlights

  • An ideal choice to track your employee or loved one’s complete internet and phone activity.

🤔 Limitations

  • Only tracks Android devices 
  • The app might crash consistently, and cause the device’s battery to drain. 

💰 Price: Starts at $40 monthly for 30 days.

Free Phone Tracer

Free Phone Tracer (also known as Numbers Guru) is a great website to track cell phones. All you need to do is type in the number you wish to track. Then it will try finding all kinds of details such as tracking social media activities, compiling photos, and more. These details will help you learn the identity of the owner of that phone number. However, you won’t be able to find their live location with this tool. 

Free Phone Tracer
  • Enter the number you want to search and tap “Search”
  • You can now comment on the number you just searched to help anyone else looking for information about the number in the future. 
Free Phone Tracer panel
  • You can also click on “View Full Report” and NumbersGuru begins finding details about the phone number.
search results on Free Phone Tracer
  • Numbers Guru begins searching for other details on the number. 
  • Once it finds all the information, you need to check the box about using the information responsibly. Click “Continue”.
view the result on Free Phone Tracer
  • Pay the fee that completes your order.
pay the order on Free Phone Tracer

😍 Highlights 

  • No need to download third-party apps 
  • Can track any cell phone including Windows, Android, or IOS.

🤔 Limitations 

  • Intrusive ads make the app difficult to use. Some ads might lead to phishing sites. 

💰 Price: Starts from $1 per month for 100 reports.


Yotracker is an online GPS phone tracker that tracks any smartphone’s location by using a phone number. It also works with diverse phone models from across many countries in the world. It’s also completely free to use. But then the downside is that you have to click on a ton of ads before you can see the results of your search. 

  • Here’s how to use the Yotracker mobile phone gps tracker online:
  • Go to Yotracker and tap “Track Now”
  • Enter country code + phone number and click “Track Phone”
start phone tracking on Yotracker
wait for Yotracker to track phone
  • Yotracker starts tracking phone numbers. Finally, it finds details about the number.
verify on Yotracker
  • Next, you’ll have to prove you’re human by clicking on several ads before you can see the results. 
tracking number sucessfully on Yotracker

😍 Highlights 

No need to download third-party apps 

  • Can track any cell phone including Windows, Android, or IOS.

🤔 Limitations 

  • Intrusive ads make the app difficult to use. 
  • Takes a long time to go through ads before you can access results.
  • Some ads might lead to phishing sites. 

💰 Price: Free.

Online GPS Phone Tracker Applications 

GPS phone trackers are amazing. They provide a wide range of functionalities ranging from tracking loved ones’ location in real-time to creating geofences that alert you when they are in danger. Let’s look at the many real-life use cases of GPS phone trackers.

  • Monitor the location of kids and elderly relatives: You can easily track your kids and loved ones to monitor their location in real-time using a GPS phone tracker. It’s useful for kids walking or biking to school or elderly relatives that are at risk of getting lost. 
  • Tracking location when outdoors: You can easily keep track of your family when hiking, biking, fishing or on other outdoor adventures. GPS phone trackers allow everyone to track every other person’s progress while providing peace of mind.
  • Create geofences: You can create “safety zones” or “geofences” that send you notifications when they’ve left a designated area. They can also send emergency alerts through these tools when they are in danger. 
  • Improve productivity: GPS phone trackers, paired with a robust GPs tracking solution for businesses can help track employees’s activities. Companies can set up to monitor location, and even streamline important workflows. 
  • Finding local events: You can use a GPS phone tracker on your phone to find events, and places near you. It’s even a great way to avoid traffic jams and choose the fastest route to your destination.


📌 Is there a free GPS phone tracker?

There are tons of free GPS phone trackers. However, many free GPS tracking solutions often come with intrusive ads. Some such ads might also redirect to phishing scams. In contrast, paid GPS trackers prioritize your security while providing accurate information about tracked devices. 

📌 Is a GPS phone tracker legal?

GPS phone trackers or other GPS tracking devices are legal when used vehicles or any asset you own. However, when used on a person, you must seek their consent first, unless it’s young kids whom you have authority over.

📌 Can I use a GPS phone tracker without other’s consent?

Most online GPS phone trackers will ask for consent or notify the tracked individual about the activity. It’s almost impossible and illegal to monitor anyone using GPS devices.

Wrap Up

GPS tracking is one of the fine ways to trace the live location of anyone. Often the best online GPS tracker doesn’t just use satellite signals, but cell towers to make your live location search a breeze. Fortunately, you can enjoy browser-based and mobile phone GPS tracker online. So whenever you need to track any device, you can try any of the GPS phone trackers we’ve listed to find the whereabouts of that phone or person.


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