10 Proven Ways on How to Find a Person’s Address

What if you want to find a person’s address? Perhaps, you are looking for an old friend or distant relative and would love to find their address and surprise them with a pleasant visit. Or you wish to find someone’s mailing address or just run a background check on someone you met recently.

Fortunately, there are many ways to find a person’s address easily. With a few details, you can quickly find their current address through a variety of options. Here we’ll guide you on how to find a person’s current address using apps and public records.

Ways to Find a Person’s Address 

Generally, the best way to find an address of a person is through their phone number or full name. Once you have those, you can access a variety of tools and people databases to determine where they are in the world. However, each tool has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s talk about these tools, and how to use them. 

how to find someone's address

Find a Person’s Address with Phone Number

It’s possible to find a person’s address using phone tracking software like MLocator. MLocator works directly from your browser. It can also not just find their address but their live location. 

This phone tracking solution combines cell tower and GPS tracking technology to pinpoint where they are in the world. It’s a great tool you can use to track any phone operating system, model, or brand. 

Here’s how to find a person’s address with MLocator:

  • Go to MLocator and type in the country code + phone number and click “Locate”.
MLocator homepage
  • Enter your email and tap on “Locate” again. Read and mark the box for the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
input phone number on MLocator
  • Once Mlocator finds information about your phone number, pay the order fee. 
  • Finally, you’ll receive the results via your email.

😍 Highlights 

  • Perfect choice to search by phone number
  • Helps track the live location and present address of the owner of the phone. 

😖 Limitations

  • It’s a paid tool.

💰 Price: Starts from $0.84.

Find a Person’s Address with His/Her Name

One of the most straightforward ways to find a person’s address is by using their name. Once you have their name, you can use a wide range of genealogy and people search databases including TruePeopleSearch, WhitePages, Infobel, and many more. Follow the examples below to find the address of anyone using a variety of people search databases. 


WhitePage is a fantastic solution to find anyone’s address in the US using their name. However, you’ll need to also specify their city, state, or Zipcode to manage your search. 

Follow these prompts to find a person’s address using their full name on WhitePages:

People Search
  • Go through the results to determine the person you’re searching for. Click on “View Full Report”, next to any of the people’s suggestions to uncover more information.
View Full Report on People Search
  • Finally, click on “Unlock Full Report” and pay the premium fee to access the most current information. 
Unlock Full Report

😍 Highlights

  • Free to search for anyone via their full name, and phone number.

😖 Limitations

  • Requires a premium fee to access more information about that person. 
  • Details have to be previously listed on the website for it to work. 

💰 Price: Free, paid plans begin from $4.99 monthly.


BeenVerified is one of the best tools to find not just their address but criminal information, number of properties, emails, and more. You can even use BeenVerified to track their location, the possibilities of spam scores, and even their vehicle records. 

Here’s how to find a person’s address using BeenVerified:

  • On BeenVerified People Search, enter their name and surname and click on “Search”
  • Enter their city and state and click “Continue”. Alternatively, you can click “I’m not sure”.
BeenVerified locate a phone
  • Now enter their age and middle name if you have those details. Alternatively, you can click “I’m not sure”.
BeenVerified locate an address
  • Tap on the areas and information you’re interested in. In this case, you should select “Properties”, “Personal details” and “Contact info”. 
see more infor on BeenVerified
  • Check the box that verifies you want their address and tap “I Agree”.
click I Agree on BeenVerified
  • Once BeenVerified finds the information. Enter your email and tap “Continue”. 
Click "Continue" on BeenVerified
  • Now, enter your full name and pay the monthly subscription fee to access the results via your email.
Save results on BeenVerified

😍 Highlights

  • A great choice to access the personal details and addresses of anyone. 

😖 Limitations

  • Requires an expensive subscription. 
  • Only works in the US.

💰 Price: $29.99 for 100 reports monthly

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

If you have their phone number, you can always use a reverse lookup tool to find their current address. Fortunately, many people search databases also provide reverse lookup features for this purpose. 

Whitepages Reverse Lookup

Whitepages reverse phone lookup is a great choice. It would help pinpoint the address connected to that phone number. However, bear in mind that the public results aren’t always accurate. 

Whitepages Reverse Lookup
  • Whitepages automatically find information about the number. Please note that the phone number might not be in their database. 
Whitepages Reverse Lookup view location
  • Click on “Unlock more information” and pay a fee to find more information if the person’s address is not public information.
unlock more information on Whitepages Reverse Lookup

Zlookup (NumLookup)

Zlookup’s NumLookup allows you to look up any number and especially identify an unknown caller. It’s especially great for pinpointing spam numbers and their possible addresses. Here’s how to find a person’s current address for free using Zlookup

  • Go to NumLookup and enter the phone number (ensure to specify the country code). 
  • Verify that you’re not a robot to continue
verify on NumLookup
  • NumLookup should automatically bring back results. Please note you cannot use this tool unless you are in the U.S.

😍 Highlights

  • Completely free tool.

😖 Limitations 

  • May find outdated information. 
  • Only works in the U.S.
  • Better focused on determining if a spam number is calling. 

💰 Price: Free. 

Using People Search Sites

People Search Sites have massive databases of information about diverse people and businesses. Here you can find comprehensive details on anyone within minutes. 

Melissa Lookups

Melissa Lookups is a free searchable database that government agencies and companies use to find valid addresses in the US and Canada

These addresses have a decent chance of being accurate because the US Postal Service and Canada Post also validate them. Follow these steps to use Melissa Lookups to find what you’re looking for:

  • Go to Melissa Lookups and click “Sign in”  at the top of the homepage
Melissa Lookups
  • At the bottom of the page select “Create Account”
  • Enter your details and click “Create Account Now”. Go to your mail to activate it. 
Create an account on Melissa Lookups
  • Now return to the Melissa Lookup Homepage and click on Global Personator Identity. 
global lookups on Melissa Lookups
  • Enter all the details you have about that person. Note that you don’t have to fill in all aspects of the form. For instance, you can just fill in their name and country and click submit to generate suggestions. 
enter details on Melissa Lookups
  • Once down, click on “Submit” and Melissa Lookups compiles all available data about that person. 

😍 Highlights

  • Great free solution to look up a variety of addresses monthly.

😖 Limitations 

  • Only works in the US and Canada.

Search People Free

Search People Free is a decent tool to find a person’s address online. You can search on this tool using their name, and city alone. You’ll find results like their age, phone number, former addresses, likely relatives, and businesses they are associated with. Other information you might find includes their criminal records, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and more. 

Here’s how to find a person’s current address for free using Search People Free:

  • Go to SearchPeopleFREE and enter the name (e.g. Jane Smith) and possible location (e.g. Los Angeles) and tap “Search. 
Search People Free
  • Automatically, this tool comes back with a variety of results for all names related to what you typed. If you have their county, this will further narrow the search. 
input country on Search People Free
  • For any name you’re sure of, scroll down to click on “More Free Details”.
view more details on Search People Free
  • This opens up more details like all of their other home addresses, vacation, business, rental, and apartment property addresses, and email addresses.  
view current information on Search People Free

😍 Highlights

  • A splendid free solution to find the address of a person. 

😖 Limitations 

  • Search People Free sometimes compiles outdated or inaccurate information
  • Contains ads. 

Search USA People 

Search USA People also makes it easy to find information on anyone such as their name, current address on the map, criminal records, income, assets, and many other details. It works like a search engine bringing you billions of U.S. public records. 

To use this tool, you’ll need their first and last name, city, and state. With this tool, you can even find people’s information through their license plates, phone numbers, and more. 

Here’s how to use Search USA People to find an address of a person:

  • Go to Search USA People enter their name, surname, and state, and tap “Search”. 
Search USA People 
  • Search USA People returns with some information about people bearing that name. To view their full details, choose “Select Result”
search successful on Search USA People 
  • Next, click on “View Full Report”.
view full report on Search USA People 
  • Now pay the checkout fee to unlock the results.
unlock results on Search USA People 

Alternatively, you can use this tool to reverse look up their address by their phone number. Follow the steps below to do that:

  • Go to SearchUSAPeople’s phone search page and enter their phone number. Tap “Search”. Then click on “View Full Report” and pay the checkout fee.
input phone number on Search USA People 

😍 Highlights

  • Finds anyone’s address by their name or phone number.

😖 Limitations 

  • It’s expensive to use when you don’t have a lot of details.

💰 Price: Starts from $2.95 per search

Use Google

Google is a remarkable engine that can also help you find information about anyone. It’s also a great tool for starting your search on social media as you easily see all the social media pages they are on right away. All you need is their full name, city, and state. Other information like their occupation and college can also help narrow your search. Do note that Google would often lead to many other search databases (and social media accounts) where you can find their details. 

Here’s how to find a person’s current address for free using Google:

  • Go to Google’s homepage and type in their name in quotation marks. For example “Jane Smith”. After that, add other details you have like their city, occupation, or college. 
  • You shouldn’t add these secondary descriptors all at once. It’s better to search for instance “Jane Smith” in Los Angeles, then followed by another search “Jane Smith” fashion designer. 
Google search name
  • Tap, “Search” and Google instantly brings back a host of information about numerous people bearing that name. 
view name result on Google
  • Try the different search results to find their address. 

😍 Highlights

  • A free tool to find anyone’s address using a massive database of information.

😖 Limitations

  • Requires a painstaking search through billions of unrelated records. 
  • This might lead to scams and phishing sites.

💰 Price: free.

Search on Social Media

You can also find a person’s address by visiting their X (Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram profiles. Some people list their addresses publically. Others might only list information such as their city and state, which can help you narrow your search when using a dedicated people’s search database. 

To search on Social media;

  • Go to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. If their profile is public, you will find their profile directly. 
  • Next, search for their name. For instance, on Instagram search, you can search as seen below:
social media platform
  • Alternatively, you can scroll through your list of mutual friends and connections to find the profile of the person you’re looking for.
view followers on social media platform

Request A Postal Address Correction 

Perhaps you would like to send a parcel to someone that moved recently. You can request a postal address correction via the Postal service and then have the envelope returned to you to get their new address. Also, note that this only works if the person has already set up mail forwarding from their previous address to their new address. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Address a sealed envelope to the person’s former address. You don’t have to include a letter. All you need to do is enter your own name and return address in the upper left corner of the envelope. 
  • Next, write “Address Correction Requested. Do Not Forward”.  Make sure to write clearly.  Doing this tells the post office to return the envelope to you and not forward it to the person’s new address.
  • Attach a postage stamp and send the envelope. In days or weeks, you’ll receive your envelope with the person’s new address written on it.

Ask People or Friends Close to Them

If you are seeking how to find a person’s current address for free, this is one of the most reliable methods. Here you simply have to ask their friends and relatives about their address. You might have to explain your reasons discreetly. So, this might range from trying to get in touch with a long-lost friend, to wishing that you knew their new address, to being able to send a gift to that friend.  

Hire A Private Detective

Hiring a private investigator is one of the best ways to find comprehensive details about anyone including their address. However, this method is expensive and most investigators will ask that you pay for their services before they begin. Plus, it can be risky using this method as some people might find it intrusive trying to find them this way. 

Private Detective

If you choose to use this approach, make sure to do your research thoroughly. Ideally, you should only use a private investigator who’s properly licensed, insured, and can provide several reviews or references from past clients. 

Contact Alumni Office

If you want to find a friend who attended your college’s address, you can contact your alumni office. Simply speak to your alumni’s office about your desire to reach out to that old classmate. 

Often, they won’t give the address to you directly. They might take your email, phone number, and other contact information. Then, they will reach out to the person and ask them if they would wish to share their details with you or contact you on their own. 

Public Records and Government Sources

Public Records and Government Sources are also brilliant ways to find information about anyone. You might find their criminal records, marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce licenses, and even their address through public records. As long as their details are filed publicly, this is a fantastic choice. Here are two ways you can use the public records database to find a person’s address: 

The county’s tax assessor’s office 

If the person owns the property, you can search for their address through their local county tax assessor. For example, Let’s say you want to find someone in Escambia County, Florida. It might be better to find them by their county instead of the state of Florida. Here are the general steps you can take:

Start by finding the county’s tax assessor by searching Google using this prompt: county name “tax assessor”.  

The county’s tax assessor’s office 

Check around the page to find terms like “property information”, or “online property information”. Click on it and you’ll need to send a request for that property information. Do note that many counties might require you to pay a fee and also provide your own personal information before you can access those records. 

looking for The county’s tax assessor’s office 

Voters Registration 

Countries like the US and UK often have a compiled list of registered voters and their current addresses. However, many states within these countries might not present the full information( especially sensitive details like addresses to the public). On such occasions, you’ll have to send a mail to request the full copy for registered voters. Many such states also charge a fee for you to access that voter registration list.


👉 How can I find someone in the US for free?

You can find information such as a person’s address and other details about that person in the US using Whitepages. Whitepages allow you to access details like their current and past address, age, email, phone number, and even relatives for free. Besides Whitepages, you could also use reverse email look up tools to find more details about someone in the US.

👉 How to find a person’s current address for free?

It’s easy to find someone’s current address using public records, social media profiles, free people search databases, and reverse lookup tools. You need their full name, county or state, and phone number to help narrow the search. 

 👉 Is it legal to find another’s address?

Searching for another person’s address for personal or commercial purposes is legal, especially if you’re accessing publicly available information. However, it’s illegal to search for someone’s address for shady reasons like harassment. 

👉 How can I protect my own privacy?

Use a virtual mailbox or private mailbox rental, set your social media accounts to private, and explore setting up a legal trust to hold assets and properties under its name, not yours. Also actively remove sensitive details from public listings and direct mailing listings. 

Wrap Up

So, you can find a person’s address online using people search databases, social media profiles, reverse lookup tools, and location tracking solutions. Often having their full name or phone number is enough. But the more details you have, the better and more efficient your search.


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