How to Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free in USA

How many of you have skipped a beat when you couldn’t find your phone? Well, I’m one of them and one of the things that helped me was using a phone number location finder to track my phone. If you’ve lost your phone or want to find the phone numbers of your loved ones, you can use free phone number location trackers online.  

Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free in USA

In this article, we’ll cover how to type in a phone number and find location-free USA and the best apps to help you search for a phone number location-free.

How to Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free Online in the USA

If you’re looking to find the location of a phone number, this comparison chart will help you understand which tool you need to use. 

👇 Solution🧐 Best to Locate📍 Location Accuracy in USA💰 Pricing
Online DirectoriesAnonymous callers or unknown people/organizationsLow accuracy rate for location listingsFree
MLocatorYour kids, your friends, your family, or unknown callersHigh accuracy rate(3-5 meters)Starts at $0.89
DetecticoYour kids, your friends, or your familyHigh accuracy rate(Up to 5 meters)Free
InteliusAnonymous callers or unknown people/organizationsMedium accuracy rateStarts at $0.95
SpokeoAnonymous callers or unknown people/organizationsHigh accuracy rateStarts at $19.95/month
uMobixYour kids, your friends, your family, or unknown callersHigh accuracy rate with GPS technologyFree
GEOfinderYour kids, your friends, or your familyMedium accuracy rateStarts at $1
Mobile Tracker FreeYour kids, your friends, your family, or employeesHigh accuracy rate(Upto 5 meters)Free

The three basic ways to track a phone’s location are explained in detail below. 

Using Online Directories

Online directories like Whitepages allow users to type in a phone number and find the location. You simply have to enter the phone number you want to search for and the platform will return results.

This step-by-step guide will help you find locations using online directories:

  1. Visit the website of an online directory.
Online Directories 
  1. Type in the phone number you want to look up in the search bar. 
  2. Click on the “search button”.
  3. You will see comprehensive results with the person’s phone number, address, and other details.
  4. Repeat the process for finding the location of a store, an official department, or any other unknown person you want to look up. 

It’s essential to remember that not every phone number will appear in internet directories. Furthermore, it could ask you to pay a certain charge to access the directories. However, some records might also be available for free. You can check it out for yourself.  

Using Phone Number Tracking Websites 

There are a number of phone tracking websites that help you find the location. Some of the popular websites are listed below:


MLocator is a web-based application that allows users to type in phone numbers and find locations in the USA. You can track the location of your loved ones as well as unknown numbers. It will give you accurate results because it uses an advanced GPS system to track the location. 

While this platform is not entirely free, it offers a low-price trial which is pretty much a “free” option. 

Follow these steps to find the location of a phone number using MLocator:

  1. Enter your phone number by choosing your region’s code.
  1. Agree to the terms and conditions of using this website.
  2. Pay the minimal charge for the location-finding services and submit orders.  
payment MLocator
  1. Wait for the platform to find the location of the phone number you entered. 


Detectico takes the mystery out of any phone number and helps you find the location of the number easily. You can track the location of your family members and friends with their permission. It will give you accurate results every time. 

Here are the steps to use Dectectico for free phone number location lookup:

  1. Enter the number of the phone you want to detect in the search bar.
  1. Write a personal message explaining why you would like to know their location
  2. Detectico sends the text immediately with a location detection link.
  3. Once the person on the other end of the message taps the link in the message, you will see their location.


Intelius is a background-checking platform that businessmen use for hiring employees. The majority of users also use the app to obtain information about the data brokerage sector. 

It offers thorough background checks that include phone numbers, past address information, and other documents. The data from publicly available sources is used by the company to generate the report.

Here are the steps for tracking phone numbers location free using Intelius:

  1. Open the Intelius website on your search engine. 
  1. Enter the desired phone number in the search bar. 
  2. Click on “Search Now”.
  3. Open the report you want to see. 


Spokeo is a powerful tool for tracing down the owner of phone numbers. It provides a wealth of information on the owner, including name and current address. It makes it easier to search millions of records by email, phone number, address, or name. 

This free phone number locator speeds up the search process by providing quick results for certain people or information and offering advanced filtering choices.

Follow these steps to type in phone number and find location free no charge:

  1. Launch the Spokeo website on your browser.
  2. You will find an “Enter Phone Number” search bar on the site. 
  1. Type in the desired phone number.
  2. Click on “Locate”.
  3. It will show you the phone number’s location, including the state and city

Using Phone Number Location Lookup Apps

Just like these above-mentioned websites, you also have location lookup apps that help you find the location of a number.


uMobix is a free mobile tracing software program that is used for employee and parental monitoring. Users can monitor calls, messages, social network posts, and the device’s location with it. With respect to privacy and ethical considerations, uMobix ensures safety and security through its insights.

If you want to use this app to find the location of a phone number, follow these steps:

  1. Install and open the uMobix app on your phone. You can also open its website. 
  1. Create an account on the app using your email.
  2. Type in the phone number you want to find.
  3. Click on Search and find the results. 


GEOfinder is a web-based tool that you can use to find a location by entering the phone number. Additionally, it includes a sharing link in a persuasive SMS message. It’s a really easy system that doesn’t take much work. For a mere $1, users can start a two-day trial of Geofinder which offers unlimited SMS. This app works with all phone models and configurations. 

Follow these steps to use GeoFinder’s services: 

  1. Open the GEOfinder app.
  1. Type in the phone number in the search bar.
  2. Look at the results and click on the one you want to see. 

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is a mobile monitoring software that allows users to know the details of a phone number, including the name, address, and past locations. This application is simple to use and includes a whole range of features for free.

Follow these steps to use Mobile Tracker Free:

  1. Open the app and create an account. 
Mobile Tracker Free
  1. Configure the app.
  2. Log in and start monitoring the phone number. 


👉 How can I find an address from a mobile number in the USA?

Locating someone using their phone number may be simpler than you imagined. You can find someone’s address, name, social media profiles, and more using a variety of websites and tools. Additionally, the majority of these services are free. 

Some of the ways to find an address from a phone number are:

  • Browsing through the Whitepages
  • Phone number lookup websites
  • Browsing search engines
  • Looking at social media sites

👉 How can I find the owner of a mobile number in the US?

You can find the owner of a mobile number by typing in the number in Google to see if any results show up. You can also perform a reverse phone lookup to find the owner of a number. Reverse phone lookup services are available on several websites and apps. You can use these services to find the owner of a phone number, their location, email address, and social media accounts. 

Some of the tools that you can use for reverse phone lookup are:

  • Whitepages
  • Truecaller

👉 How can I find more details of a phone number?

There are several apps and websites that look up the name, address, email, social media sites, and other comprehensive details using just a phone number. You can also use reverse phone number lookup services to get more details of a phone number. Additionally, browsing through search engines can also help you find comprehensive results. 

👉 Can you Google Search a Phone number?

Yes, you can look up a phone number for free using Google. To do this, type the phone number into the search bar, with the area code, and then hit Enter. After that, Google will come up with a list of search results for the number that may contain company details, addresses, and other useful contacts. 

Wrap Up  

You can have a number of reasons to track a cell phone’s location. For example, you might be worried about your children, or maybe a friend of yours went MIA. In any case, the availability of free cell phone tracking apps such as MLocator, PhoneLocator, and GEOfinder is a huge relief. You just have to type in the phone number and search for the details of its location.


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