8 Easy Ways to Track My Husband Phone Number Free

Explore the most efficient hack to track phone number of your husband or any other person for free. Uncover how to monitor their location in real-time, and remotely without their knowledge. 

You can track phone number of your spouse online, via a tracking app, or using some free tools. Perhaps you’re worried about their safety and wish to track husband phone number to pinpoint their last known location. Or you’ve asked due to infidelity or other risky and inappropriate behavior. 

map on a phone

Regardless, all you need is a phone or computer, and a decent internet connection. Here’s a guide that answers all your concerns and the mind-boggling question on how to track my husband phone number for free.

3 Ways to Track My Husband Phone Number Free 

There are several free phone tracker solutions based on their phone’s OS that enable you to pinpoint their location in real-time. 

Google Maps

Google Maps is a great hack to solve your issue about how to track my husband phone number free. It’s also a fantastic way to track an Android from an iPhone and vice versa. But, first, you need a Gmail account. Then you need to have been previously permitted through your spouse’s phone. 

Google Maps

👉 Here are the steps:

  • Launch your Google Map on IOS or Android
  • Click on your profile avatar (or image) in the top left corner and tap “Location Sharing”
share location on google map
  • You can also follow the same steps to share your location as well.
  • There, you’ll find a list of people who have permitted you to view their location
  • Choose the appropriate name from the list and use the map to navigate to their precise location.

Find My Device on Android

Google’s Find My Device on Android is a helpful tool that helps you track the GPS location of your phone. It is designed for locating lost phones. But you can also use it as a technique for tracking my husband phone. This app also allows you to lock or erase all data on the target phone remotely. However, this method only works if you are logged into the same Google account as the target Android phone. Plus, the phone must be switched on and Google Find My Device enabled. 

To turn on Google Find My Device, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the device is signed into the right Google Account 
google account
  • Launch the “Settings app”
setting on google account
  • Have “Location” turned on
location on
  • Go to “Security” and then “Find My Device”.
Go to “Security” and then “Find My Device”
  • Toggle to enable “Find My Device”.

👉 Now to find that target device, here are the steps to take:

  • On any computer, log into the Gmail or Google account that’s signed in on the target device using Find My Device.
Google Find my device
  • Select the phone you want to track and after a few minutes, you should see the location in real-time.
  • You can also lock the device with a passport, play a sound, or remotely erase the device.

Find My iPhone on iOS

Your “Find My” app on IOS is also an alternative solution. But first, that IOS device (iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices) must be synced to iCloud. The target device must have previously enabled Find My iPhone and shared location with you. 

If you’re turning on location for the first time, here’s what you should do: 

  • On the IOS device, open the “Find My” app
"Find My" app
  • Next, click on “Start Sharing Location” and pick the contact to share with.
Start Sharing Location
  • Hit Send and choose to share location for one hour, day, or indefinitely

In the future, you can track using Find My iPhone on IOS via the steps below:

  • Log into your account
sign in with apple id
  • After this, you should see the location of that iPhone and other IOS devices in real-time.
locate iphone using icloud
  • Moreover, apart from tracking, you can use features like “play a sound”, “lock the screen” or “erase all the data on the phone”.

3 Easy Ways to Track My Husband Phone Number Online 

One of the best ways to track phone number of your spouse or anyone is by using online tools that don’t require installing any application. These fascinating phone location trackers can pinpoint your spouse’s location with impeccable accuracy.

FeaturesMLocator 🔥Mobile LocatorScannero
Pricing Starts from $0.89Starts from $77Starts from $0.89 per tracking
Tracking SpeedUnder 2 minutesAbout 5 minutes About 2 minutes
Location PrecisionAccurate up to 3 metersAccurate up to 10 square metersUp to 50 feet in general location
Battery DrainNoNoNo
Requires InstallationNoNoNo
CompatibilityAny device, model, or operating systemAny device, model, or operating systemAny device, model, or operating system


An awesome way to find my husband location is using the MLocator. MLocator is a powerful tool that lets you track any phone number across the globe. No matter the brand, model, or operating system, this solution will track with an estimated accuracy of up to 3 meters. You’ll love how it combines Wi-Fi, GPS tracking, and mobile networks to deliver a real-time geo-location of the targeted device.

To use MLocator:

  • Go to MLocator on your computer, phone or tablet.
  • Enter the phone number you want to track in the search box
  • Enter your email address and tick the terms of use/privacy policy box.
Enter your email address and tick the terms of use/privacy policy box
  • Finally, tap “Locate”.
  • Wait for the locating process to track the phone number
phone number tracking on MLocator
  • Pay the tracking service by entering your credit card details (it’s totally secure!) and selecting “Submit Order”.
Submit Order
  • Receive geo-location results via email. This would also include GPS coordinates that you can check via map to note the real-time location.

Mobile Location

Mobile Location is also a great tool that solves your needs. This web-based app works by triangulating how the target’s phone interacts with phone operators in their area. It also allows you to save previous searches all within a dedicated dashboard. And yet, you have to install an app on the target device. 

To use this tool to find my husband location:

  • Enter the phone number in an international format
Mobile Location
  • Sign up by entering your name, email, and desired password and click “Register”.
register on Mobile Location
  • This takes you to your dashboard where you can see the progress of your tracking.
  • Next, you’ll need to pay the price for tracking the phone number by selecting “Deposit XXX”.
payment on Mobile Location
  • Watch your targeted number in real-time


Scannero is a robust tool that goes beyond tracking phone numbers. Like searching for someone on Tinder, Scannero also allows you to search and lookup their social media accounts and other online activities with as little as their nicknames. If you are trying to locate your missing phone, Scannero also allows you to send a message to your phone number. 

Follow the steps below use Scannero:

  • Type the number you want to track
  • Once the number is located, you’ll be prompted to sign up. Click “Sign Up”.
sign up on Scannero
  • Enter your email
inputting email address on Scannero
  • Enter your credit card details and tap “Submit Order”.
submit order on Scannero
  • Scannero sends your target’s user number a message containing a tracking link
  • Wait for the user to click on the sent link
  • Now you can track the phone’s location by logging into your Scannero account via any browser.

3 Easy Ways to Track My Husband Phone Number with App 

Another amazing technique that solves how to track my husband location is using phone locator apps. These apps require installation on the target device. But they work in the background, helping pinpoint their location while being anonymous.

TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy App can track different phone activities including calls, text messages, WhatsApp, Live Audio, Facebook, Snapchat, and location. There are also features like recording and the app will remain undetectable on any installed device. However, you must set up first on that target device. And TheTruthSpy only works for Android devices.

TheTruthSpy App

To use TruthSpyApp:

  • First, disable Play Protect: Open Playstore > Choose Play Store Protect > Select the “Setting” icon > Tap on TURN OFF
  • Disable Google Play Store Notifications to avoid notifications about the app: Disable notifications by Opening Settings> Click Notification > Turn Off Google PlayStore
  • Download and install the app here on the target device
  • Next, create an account by visiting its website.
  • Login on the installed app target’s phone using the details.
  • Finally, click to enable all settings including “Activate all permissions”, “Do not optimize battery usage”, “Enable Accessibility”, “Enable Notification Access”, and “Access Rooted”.
  • Now login via the website via your phone or computer to spy on the target device.

FreePhoneSpy App

The FreePhoneSpy app by ClevGuard also helps find my husband location without him knowing. This app FreePhone Spy is also called KidsGuard. It doesn’t just track phone numbers. It can also track his messages, GPS location, social media accounts, and call logs. 

FreePhoneSpy App

You can also view photos, and videos and record all keystrokes typed. Plus ClevGuard also provides other fascinating monitoring products such as employee tracking. However, this tool is pretty expensive beginning from $29.95 monthly for the basic plan.

To use this app:

  • Register and create a KidsGuard account and purchase the appropriate subscription. A welcome email will be sent to you with installation instructions. 
  • Next, download the KidsGuard app on your own Android, or IOS.
  • Login using your KidsGuard credentials.
  • Now pick up your target device. 
  • Pick up the target device. Now scan the QR code from your phone onto the target device. Finally, install following the prompts
  • Once installed, KidsGuard begins working in the background.
  • Log into your KidsGuard account from the official website on your phone or computer. Here you can view target devices in real time.

AirDroid Family Locator

The AirDroid Family Locator also helps you to track your husband phone number. With this tool, you can see your husband’s or other family members’ phones in real-time, their location history, and even listen to their phone’s surroundings. 

AirDroid Family Locator

You also get an instant alert when the battery is low or out of range and when the phone has been offline for some time. 

Here’s how to use AirDroid for tracking my husband phone or other family members:

  • Download the AirDroid Parental Control on your own phone. 
  • Download Android or iOS version based on your needs. Now Install the AirDroid Kids on the target device
  • Open AirDroid kids on the target device and set up following the on-screen prompts
  • Finally, open AirDroid Parental Control, and tap “Map” at the bottom of your screen to see your target phone’s location.


👉 Can I track my husband without his permission?

It’s almost unlikely (and illegal) to track your husband’s phone without his permission. Often phone tracking applications require some form of consent from the target’s phone. 

👉 Can I track my husband with an Airtag?

It’s possible to track your husband using an Airtag by attaching it to their belonging or vehicle. Airtags are tiny devices that emit Bluetooth beacons every few minutes via radio frequencies. They are designed to help you track your belongings through their emitted beacons, which you can interpret using a GPS tracking device (like your phone or tablet). However, there are legal issues that might emanate if one decides to use an Airtag to track someone’s location without their consent. 

👉 Is it wrong to track your spouse on his phone?

In most countries, it is illegal to track your spouse’s phone without their permission. Tracking can feel intrusive and without their consent might violate their privacy rights. Exceptions are in cases of suspected safety issues or criminal activities. 

Wrap up

It’s amazing how easily you can track phone number of anyone without hiccups. All you need do is pick between tracking with a free tool, a web-based solution, and tracking(spying) apps. They are all great software for tracking and monitoring your spouse’s location in real-time. 

However, MLocator (Mobile Phone Locator) stands out as one of the best tools to find your husband’s location without him knowing. This tool offers the most precise location in real time and at a dirt-cheap rate. If you’re worried about your husband’s whereabouts, try MLocator today.


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