How to Find Out Someone’s Birthday without Asking Them

Want to know how to find someone’s birthday? What if you wanted to surprise someone on their birthday but can’t seem to find their birthdate? Surprisingly, this is common. This article will share the best techniques to find someone’s birthday using Google, their phone number, or social media pages. 

How to Find Someone’s Birthday Online Without Asking 

If you want to know how to find out someone’s birthday for free without asking, try searching via social media, people search websites and search engines. People often share important memories and special days like their birthdays online. Let’s talk about how you can run a free birthday lookup search through various digital platforms.

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How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Snapchat

Snapchat also makes it easy to find anyone’s birthday, when you’re friends with them already. Here’s how to find someone’s birthday on Snapchat:

  • Launch Snapchat, and tap the search symbol at the top of the screen.
snapchat search
  • Enter their name and go to their profile. 
  • Snapchat may display a birthday symbol (cake or balloon) right next to their birthdate. Sometimes, their zodiac sign may also be listed there as well.
birthday symbol on snapchat

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Facebook

Most people on Facebook often add their birthday details to their profile. If you are already friends on Facebook, you might receive a notification about their birthdays. However here’s how to find someone’s birthday on Facebook, whether they are your Facebook friend or not:

  • Launch Facebook. Type their name on the search bar in the top left corner. Press the Enter key
Find Someone's Birthday on Facebook
  • Go to People, then scroll down and pick their profile.
view Facebook profile
  • Tap on their name to go to their profile. Select the About section.
Select the About section on Facebook
  • Go to “Contact and basic info”. You’ll see their birthday displayed there.
view birthday information via Facebook
  • That said, if they have a private account, you’ll need to become Facebook friends before you can see all the details on their profile.
  • If their date of birth isn’t listed under their profile section, consider scanning their timeline to see when other friends wished them happy birthdays from previous years. 

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

It’s also possible to find someone’s birthday on their Instagram. Here are some ideas that can help: 

  • Check their bio. Some people display their birthdate or use an emoji of their zodiac sign on their profile.
Instagram profile
  • Review their posts from previous years to search for posts about their birthday. People often post their photos on birthdays to honor their special day.
visa instagram posts
  • Check their highlights, which are several posts combined to create special sections at the top of their page.
view Instagram page
  • Go to the tagged section. Some friends love to tag people on their profiles because they wish to congratulate them on their special day.
view Instagram profile to lookup Birthday
  • Again if their page is private, you may have to send them a follow request and wait until they approve it to access their photos.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not allow you to view personal details about anyone. But there are a few hints and tricks you could use. Here’s how to find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp:

  • Ask directly or via mutual friends: Consider asking them directly or asking mutual friends and family members. Remember you may have to approach as gently as possible, and with respect. 
  • Check their WhatsApp profile. Some people display their birthday or possibly their birth sign or stone on their profile. 
whatsapp contact info
  • Check your past chats: As friends, there’s a chance you’ve discussed their birthdays in the past. So go through your Whatsapp chats with them.
Check your past chats on whatsapp
  • Check the status: Some people create a sort of countdown to their birthdays, weeks, or days ahead. So, you can check their status updates regularly for any hints. Remember you have to be friends with them on Whatsapp to be able to view their status. 
Check the whatsapp status

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Google

Depending on how popular your friend is, you can try search engines like Google. Let’s talk about the techniques on how to find someone’s birthday for free on Google. 

  • Launch Google and then type in their name followed by the text “birthday” in the search bar. You can try variations such as birthday in quotations and without.
search info on Google Search engine
  • This should bring links to their online profiles, people celebrating your friend’s birthday, or any articles that have mentioned their birthday. 
search birthday info on Google

Also, note that their pseudonyms or preferred usernames online may help your results. You can try them one by one alongside the word “birthday” to narrow your search.  Also note that if they share their name with a public person or have a very popular name, searching via a search engine can be challenging.

How to Find Someone’s Birthday by Phone Number

A great way to find someone’s birthday is by using their phone number.  You can use reverse lookup tools like CocoFinder, PeopleFiners,  InstantCheckmate, TruthFinder, True People Search, or Yellowpages. These tools follow similar steps. Here’s an example of how to find someone’s birthday by phone number using Yellowpages.

yellow page
  • Yellowpages returns with basic info about that phone number. If you want more details, click “View Full Profile” which takes you on a more rigorous background search.
view info on yellow page

Birthday Lookup by Name

If you know their first name or surname (or both), you can also use a Name lookup or public records search website to find their birthday. Some great public records sites you can use include Truthfinder, SocialCatfish, Intelius, BeenVerified, and many more. Also, most of these sites follow the same approach. So, here’s how to run a birthday lookup search by name using TruthFinder. 

  • Go to TruthFinder, and type in First name and Last Name. Then pick their state. Finally, tap “Search Now”.
  • Confirm their biological sex to further narrow your search. Tap Next.
select gender on TruthFinder
  • Answer several questions about their age, middle name, and more, tap “submit” or “I don’t know” where necessary. 
add more details on TruthFinder
  • Once Truthfinder finds their records, you only have to pay the gateway fee to access the records.
view report on TruthFinder

Birthday Lookup by Public Records

Another great way to perform a free birthday lookup is using public records. You can always use paid people search websites like Beenverified or Truthfinder as a gateway. However, many states, cities, and counties have online databases where you can find birth, death, divorce, marriage, tax, and criminal records.

If your friend is in a state-licensed position, such as hairdressers, electricians, plumbers, or more, they must have applied for some permits with their birthdates. You may find these documents publicly. However, also note that searching via national or local county records may sometimes require a small fee for the search or having the details sent to you. 

Birthday Lookup by Email Address

Some people use their birthday as part of their email address. For instance, Jane Doe could have an email like But this method is pretty unreliable. Another way is to type their email address into a reverse email lookup tool. Some such include Truthfinder, SocialCatfish, Recordsfinder, etc. Here’s how to find someone’s birthday using Recordsfinder:

  • Go to Recordsfinder, and select “Search By Email”. Type in their email and tap “Search Now”. 
Email lookup
  • Agree to the Terms of Service.
Agree to the Terms of Service
  • Once done, Recordsfinder will return with possible profiles and highlights of their phone number. 
  • Pick any profile and tap “View Report”.
  • Pay the fee for the report and it will be sent to your email. 

How to Find Someone’s Birthday Offline Without Asking

Besides using the internet, here are some tips on how to find out someone’s birthday for free.

  • Talk to friends or family members: Ask mutual friends or their family members. You may have to mention your connection with them and how you’re planning on surprising them to ensure they don’t tell that person that you asked.
  • Ask your boss or coworker: If you work together, you can ask your coworker or boss for help. Note that some companies have restrictions on giving out employee’s personal information, so this method may not always work.
  • Check your history: If you’ve known the person for a while, there’s a chance you’ve talked about birthdays before. Check out old text, email, or social conversations to see if they’ve mentioned it in the past.
  • Scroll old photos: Check your photo library (or hardcopy photos) for clues about their birthday. You can also ask them for their photo collection and creatively ask about any party photos you see. 
  • Ask for their ID: Never take someone’s ID. Instead, find creative ways to get them to show their driver’s license or passports. For instance, you may ask that you compare driver’s license photos or compare iD formats. 
  • View their birth certificate: Consider asking them to view their birth certificate. If they are willing to share with you, it has the information you’re looking for.


How to find out someone’s birthday for free?

You can find out someone’s birthday for free on social media platforms like Facebook, or Twitter, where birthdays might be listed publicly, search engines like Google to find articles that mention them, or try offline by asking mutual friends, coworkers, or family members.

Should you put your real birthday on a social media platform?

It depends. Putting your real birthday on social media helps other people to send their well wishes. It also helps censor content for teens on social media. However, birthdays are personal information and can be a security issue. Faking it can protect against online scams or targeted advertisements.

How to hide your birthday on Instagram?

On Instagram, your birthday isn’t visible to anyone. But you can choose to let Instagram notify certain people about your birthday. On your profile. Tap Account Centre > Personal details > Date of Birth > Who can see your birthday on Instagram > Change visibility on Instagram. Next, pick between No One, Close Friends list, or Followers you follow back.

Wrap Up

Finding someone’s birthday can be a fun way to surprise them. Here we’ve explored free, paid, and offline ways to discover that special date. Remember to always respect their privacy as you search for that information.


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