How to Find Someone’s Phone Number [2024 Updated]

When you need to contact someone, you need to have their phone number. If you don’t know the phone number but just know their name or address or other basic information, you can access more details with the help of search tools. In this article, we will show you a complete guide on how to find someone’s phone number by name. 

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How to Find Someone’s Phone Number by Name

If you know the person’s name, you can try to use Google search and other search engines to find their phone number.

Use Google Search

Usually, if you know someone’s full name, you can search for their other information on Google Search, such as address, phone number or company. Just enter the full name and a question mark in the tab, you will get a list of research. Then you need to find the one you want. 

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Use a Regional Search Engine

Of course, you can use a regional search engine to narrow the area if you know where he or she is. You can enter the full name and search for it, then you will get the relevant information of the person.

Use an Online Directory

Or you can check the online directories that can help you find someone’s phone number, such as, Classmates (The United States),, (UK), and (Canada). You can simply enter the person’s name and they will provide you with some available phone numbers. 


Contact Their Workspace

If you know the workplace, it will be easier for you to find the contact information. You can contact the company and ask for the contact information.

How to Find Someone Phone Number on Social Media

In addition, you can find someone’s phone number on social media, such as Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter. Because many people stay active and leave their information on social media.

How can I find someone’s phone number on Facebook?

You can use Facebook to search for someone’s phone number if they have detailed information in their profile. You can enter someone’s full name, go to the person’s Facebook profile page and click the “About” tab below the cover photo. You can check the “Contact and Basic Information” section and check the listed number.


How to Find a Phone Number on LinkedIn

You can find a phone number on Linkedln by visiting the person’s profile and clicking the “Contact Info” near the top of their profile.

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How to Find a Phone Number on Twitter

Although Twitter doesn’t have a specific area for a phone number, you can use it to look up a person’s profile and check their tweets. In the search bar, you can enter the full name and check their contact information. 

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How to Find Phone Number with Phone Number Lookup Tools

In addition, you can find the phone number with professional phone number search tools. Here you can try the practical methods below.


It is a free database that displays public information about people and their relationships in the United States. It has the free White Pages search and a personal search engine that lets you look up the phone numbers you need. It has the people search and reverse phone search which helps you look up the basic information. You are not required to register for ZabaSearch. If you can’t find the phone records in ZabaSearch, you can locate them by using Premium People Search, which can improve the success rate of obtaining a phone number. The success of searching for the correct number will be 60-70%.


👉 If you want to use ZabaSearch to look up the phone number, you can try the following methods.

  • On the search page, enter the first and last names. 
  • And you can refine the search by offering the city or town and state.
  • Then you can get the research result with the address, age, and name.
  • If you want additional information, you can click on “View Full Profile” and get the complete data information of the person you are looking for.

💰 Price: You don’t need to pay for any phone numbers. But you need to pay extra for the complete profiles.

  • Reverse Phone Lookup: 5-day trial, $34.95/month.
  • People Search: $24.86/month; $21.13/bi-monthly
  • Address Lookup: 7-day trial; $34.95/month


InfoTracer is a powerful public records search engine that contains a variety of search options, such as username searches, address searches, dashboard searches, IP searches, VIN checks, email searches, and reverse phone searches. In addition, it can show some clear photos of their faces, so you can find their detailed information clearly. When you search for a person on InfoTracer, you will get a report, which contains the current address, phone numbers, criminal records, relationships and images, and so on. It is easy to search for someone’s information, which can take you about a few minutes. Here you can follow the steps below and find their phone numbers.  The success of searching for the correct number will be 70-80%.

  • Visit the InfoTracer website.
  • Enter your first name and the family name.
  • Click the “Search” and you can get the report.
  • You must pay for the full report, such as $2.95 with Visa, Paypal or Google Pay.  


BeenVerified is a simple people search that helps you find someone easily. It has an intuitive interface, allowing you to quickly look up at someone. It offers you a lot of research, such as people search, phone search, address search, email search and vehicle search. When you want to get a membership, you can take advantage of the benefits, such as phone, email and address lookup. In addition, they can provide more information about a person you are researching for. The success of searching for the correct number will be 70-80%.

  • Visit BeenVerified website.
  • Enter the first and last names of the people you want to look up.
  • Enter the city if you know.
  • Select the information you want to know, such as contact information, social media and relatives, etc. Then click “Continue”.
  • You must click the “I agree” stating that you will not use this information for restricted purposes.
  • Enter your email and name, then pay the fee and get the information.

💰 Price:

  • 1 Monthly membership: $26.89/month
  • 3 Monthly membership: $52.44/month


It is a people search tool that you can use to find the owner of a phone number with the help of white pages reverse search. It offers key features such as People Search, Yellow Pages, and Reverse Phone Lookup. With the Yellow Page, you can easily find local businesses with maps and basic U.S. information. Here you can follow the steps below and search for the person’s phone number. The success of searching for the correct number will be 60-70%.

  • Visit the Anywho website.
  • Enter the first and last names and click “Find”.
  • Click on the full profile and it will lead to the Intelius page.
  • You must pay a fee to obtain the information.

💰 Price:

  • Reverse Phone Lookup: 5-day trial, $34.95/month.
  • People Search: $24.86/month; $21.13/bi-monthly
  • Address Lookup: 7-day trial; $34.95/month


How do I know if the phone number is valid?

After you have obtained the phone number from the above method, you also need to check the validity of the number. Here you can follow some of the steps below and check for a valid phone number.

Validation of a number

You can check the validity of a number by checking whether it is assigned by the telecom authority of a country to a carrier (Airtel, Jio) and line type (Analog, digital, toll-free, landline and others). You can check the format of the phone number and the name of the carrier.

Validation of a network

You can check if the number is active in your database. If the phone carrier is contacted to give the current status of the number, you will understand that the network is active.

Validation of a user

Of course, you can check the validation of a user, which can provide you with an accurate result that the owner of the phone number can receive texts and calls. You can send the phone number by text or voice mail. If the number owner sends you the code back as requested, you can obtain consent to contact the person.

Can I find a phone number with an address?

Yes. You can try Reverse Address Lookup in search engines, such as Google, Bing and other white pages. Enter the full name and address of the person you are looking for, such as street, city, and state. It may reveal contact information for previous and current property owners to help you find the person you are looking for.

How can I find a phone number offline? 

If you find that online research does not yield the phone number you want, you can try several offline methods:

You can contact mutual acquaintances and get someone’s phone number from the acquaintance. They might help you if they have other contacts. Of course, you need to explain why you need the phone number. 

You can try to search public records with your local government, such as voter registration, marriage licenses, and property deeds. 

Is it legal to find a phone number?

It will depend on how you use the phone number. If you find a phone number for a good purpose and you promise not to use it for illegal or criminal purposes, it will be legal to find a phone number. However, if you break the restricted rules, it may become illegal for you to find the phone number.  


Finding someone’s phone number is difficult, but you can do it with the right tools and resources. You need to use online resources, social media platforms and offline methods, so you can gather the information you need. When searching for phone numbers or other details, remember to be patient and don’t give up. We hope you can find someone’s phone number after reading this article.

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