The popularization of cell phones has tied us with our friends closer through text messages, video calls, and so on. However, with the accidental exposure of your phone number (For example, the contact number attached to your express box), text messages might be misused by crooks. That’s why we might sometimes receive some texts from unknown senders. It might be better for you to use a specialized tool that can help you track location of a text message sender, preventing people from falling into the tricks of scams. How? Here we go!

How to track the location of a text message sender?

Unknown messages are annoying, for they might cause economic loss if they are scams. Therefore, we are trying out ways to figure out the location of a text message sender, deciding whether they are from scammers or not.

Tool 1: MLocator

Normally speaking, an unknown message comes along with a phone number. That can be a key point for you to track phone location of the message senders. As a robust online phone number tracker, MLocator enables you to track an accurate position of a phone by number in seconds. What’s more, it can help you track the real-time movements of a cell phone, enabling you to grasp details of location information. Wi-Fi connection as well as cell tower triangulation make up for the drawbacks of GPS positioning technology. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about the accuracy of this phone number tracker. Instead, you can get an ensured and highly accurate result on your mobile device. It can play other different roles in your daily life:

  1. Phone finder through helping you locate your lost phone
  2. Guardian of loved ones for tracking their location by phone number (such as your kids, partners, and parents)
  3. Helper in finding your friends in your meet-up

You can track phone number and location of an unknown message sender in four steps:

  1. Type in the phone number you want to locate (the number of the text message sender)
  2. Be a member of MLocator
  3. Type a phone number for checking location information (You can type in your phone number)
  4. Be ready to receive an ensured geolocation details on a digital map

MLocator is workable on different mobile brands and models. Therefore, it is definitively a hassle-free service for you if you want to track phone location of someone.

Tool 2: Number Tracker Pro

Unlike MLocator, Number Tracker Pro is an app that requires you to install the mobile application on a cell phone before you activate the tool. Number Tracker Pro helps find out mobile number details including the owner’s name, carrier network, city, and so on. It works very simply—all you need to do is simply key in the sender’s phone number and the app will present you with additional information about the number. The caller ID database can store massive information of about people, from which the app will search for related information. You can master a specific report about the senders via the tool including:

  1. Sender’s name
  2. Relationship network of the sender
  3. Track the current location of a cell phone on the map
  4. Residence
  5. Carrier name
  6. Education background or job experience

With more detailed information, you will be able to spot the scammer by phone number.

Can a cell phone still be tracked if it is switched off?

It can be one of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet. Although it is hard to track a cell phone which is off, it can still be a field in the modern world. Phone locators including native phone locators and the third-party phone trackers have the capacity of locating the last seen location of a cell phone on a map. In other words, you can grasp the latest location before a cell phone is switched off. Once the cell phone is on and connected to the network, the tools will refresh the location information for you. Also, there is no need for you to worry about the inability to track a cell phone without a SIM card. We can use the IMEI tracker to track the current location of a cell phone effortlessly.

Final words:

The digital era is giving you the best ways to track phone location of an unknown text sender, guaranteeing you a peaceful mind and preventing you from falling into spam. If you have any other great tools to track the text sender, just share your opinion below the comment bar!


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