Can You Track a Textnow Number?

Ever wondered how to track a Textnow number? Textnow has been a popular app for people and companies looking to communicate. But recently, there have been reports of people complaining about receiving anonymous, blackmail, and spam calls. In such scenarios, you might wonder how to look up whoever called you on Textnow. Here we’ll share all the ways to run a Textnow number search. 

What Is Textnow?

Textnow is a great VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) app that you can use to communicate via phone calls or text messages anywhere in the world. Like other VoIP calling services such as Skype and WhatsApp, it works with your Wi-Fi/internet network. However, the TextNow app also adds a layer of complexity, unlike other traditional social platforms by issuing you a free virtual U.S. phone number. 


This U.S. phone number enables you to receive calls from anyone in the United States and Canada while obscuring your identity. Also if you don’t want to use TextNow via Wi-Fi, you can combine the app with TextNow SiMCard to enjoy unlimited calls and texting. To get started on using TextNow, simply download the TextNow app, sign up, and provide your location’s area code to get started.

Can You Track a Textnow Number?

Theoretically, it’s tricky to track a TextNow Number because TextNow prioritizes keeping real user identities hidden. Usually, TextNow will not reveal a user’s identity unless there’s a legal mandate like a court order or police request. Still, there are several techniques to carry out your TextNow number search while still respecting their privacy. Here we’ll talk about TextNow phone number lookup tools and methods that can improve your chances of finding the identity behind a TextNow number. 

How to Track a Textnow Number 

Now let’s talk about handy tricks, features, and apps that may help trace a TextNow number including steps you can try to make your search efficient. However these strategies are not foolproof, and you should always use them while respecting their privacy. 

Use the TextNow app

If you are already on the TextNow app, you can check to see if the user of that TextNow number would reveal themselves to you. Consider using a fresh and different number to send that suspicious TextNow number a message. By developing a good relationship with them, you can get them to share their motives and any implicating details about themselves. 

Use TextNow Phone Number Lookup

One of the best ways to carry out a Textnow number search is using a phone lookup service. 

Reverse phone lookup tools allow you to look up any phone number and find details about its owner’s identity. Here are some reverse phone lookup tools that can work with TextNow.


Truecaller is also a fantastic reverse phone lookup tool that works on computers, Android and IOS phones. You can use Truecaller to manage calls, and SMS and even block spam calls. When installed on your phone, it can help identify unknown callers. If you want to know how to track Textnow numbers using Truecaller, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the app, and Sign up using your name, email address, and other details.
enter phone number on truecaller
  • To track a Textnow number, enter the phone number in the Truecaller search bar. Tap the search symbol.
search phone number on truecaller
  • It should return with details such as their name and location.
view phone number details on truecaller
  • You can also use the Truecaller website to reverse phone number lookup via your computer. Enter the phone number in the search bar to see their information. 
Truecaller website
  • Sign up or sign in. 
sign in Truecaller website
  • Truecaller will display details such as the person’s name and address. 
view report on Truecaller website


SpyForMe is also a great tool to run your textnow number search. This website will help you find details about the person behind that phone number including their address, social media pages, and more. Here’s how to track a Textnow number using Spyforme;

  • Go to the Spyforme Textnow number lookup. 
  • Enter the phone number you wish to search for. Click on the “Start TextNow Number Lookup”.
  • Wait for the results

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is also a great Textnow phone number lookup tool. With this tool, you’ll find details such as images, email addresses, phone numbers, and other online profiles associated with that phone number. Hence, you’ll be able to find accurate information about the identity behind that Textnow phone number.

  • Go to Social Catfish TextNow Phone Number Lookup
Social Catfish
  • Enter the phone number and tap “Search”. 
  • Wait for Socialcatfish to find any information. 
view information on Social Catfish
  • Once your result is ready, you only have to pay the gateway fee and enter your email to view the report. 
view report on Social Catfish

Search TextNow Number on Google

You can try searching for that TextNow number on Google to see what comes up. Often people complain about receiving calls from malicious agents online. This can provide some clues into the identity behind that TextNow number.


Search TextNow Number on Social Media

Your social media apps can also help. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to discover if they used the phone numbers to open their social media accounts. But you might find conversations surrounding that phone number, especially if it’s a call from a malicious number. All you need do is use the search tabs provided on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.

Can You Track a TextNow Number’s Location?

Tracking a TextNow number often depends on whether it’s a real number or a fake one completely linked to a fake identity. Also, TextNow offers no dedicated Textnow phone number locating tool as well. So for the most part, the location details remain hidden. However, if the user is using their real number, a 3rd-party phone tracking solution like MLocator might be able to pinpoint Wi-Fi and GPS signals from it. Here’s how to track a Textnow number using MLocator:

  • Go to the MLocator phone number lookup.
  • Enter the real Textnow number and tap “locate”
  • Enter your email and tap “Locate” again.
  • Mlocator returns with the results after you’ve paid the gateway fee. 

What to Do If Someone Is Tracing My TextNow Number?

If you worry that someone is tracing your TextNow number, there are some tips to help avoid the situation. 

  • Block unwanted calls: Fortunately, TextNow allows you to block spam calls or calls from unknown phone numbers. 
  • Report abuse: You can also report to the TextNow support team and fill out TextNow’s Emergency disclosure request form to uncover if a certain phone number is harassing you. Note that this form will be filled by law enforcement officials and is usually used when there’s imminent harm to a child or the risk of death or injury to any person. 
  • Report malicious impersonation: If you believe someone is impersonating you or someone else on TextNow, you can also contact TextNow’s abuse help desk for help.
  • Limit personal info sharing: Be cautious about how you share private details over TextNow or other social media platforms unless you fully trust the recipient.
  • Get a new number: Luckily, there’s no shortage of free accounts on TextNow that you can have. So take the steps to open a new account using different information.
  • Consider location masking tools: Try using a VPN or IP masking solution to help obscure your location and stop whoever is tracking your TextNow account.
  • Unmask the identity behind suspicious tracking: Consider using the different Textnow phone lookup tools we’ve talked about to help determine who’s behind such suspicious tracking activity.


📌Can you find out who’s texting you from TextNow?

It’s trying to find out who’s texting you from TextNow as there’s no built-in way to reveal the owner’s identity. That said you can try phone number lookup tools like Truecaller, Social Catfish, or Spyforme, or search the phone number on Google and social media to track the identity.

📌Does TextNow show caller ID?

No, TextNow calls won’t display caller ID by default. This is because TextNow prioritizes maintaining user’s privacy. Hence the Caller ID displayed might be the username for that account or whatever you’ve used in storing that TextNow number. 

📌Does TextNow show your real number?

No, TextNow does not show the real phone number or ID of your phone caller by default. You’ll only see the TextNow number assigned to that account.

📌Which country uses TextNow?

TextNow is primarily a US-based service. If you are using TextNow for calls and texts to the US and Canada, it’s mostly free. However, you can also use it internationally with some limitations alongside the need to pay some subscription fee. 

Wrap Up

Here we’ve uncovered the different avenues on how to track a Textnow number including using Textnow phone number lookup tools like Spyforme and Truecaller. You can also create a new TextNow account or check using Google and Social media. By being methodical and patient, you may be able to find the identity of whoever is calling or texting you via TextNow.


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