How to Find Someone Location from Viber 

Viber location tracking can be quite beneficial for different reasons, including the tracking of the safety of people dear to us, or the planning of meeting points. If you are wondering how to find someone from Viber, then here you will learn how to search for or send a location through Viber. 

We will also discuss other ways of searching for a Viber user, including the help of third parties. 

What Is Viber?  

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Viber is an instant messaging application that offers text messaging, voice calls, video calls, and file-sharing services. These features make Viber unique because they guarantee the user’s communication confidentiality and protection. Other options include group chats, stickers, and geolocation services.  

To use Viber, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Install Viber on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your phone number and verify it. 
  3. Sync your contacts.
  4. Start using Viber.  

How to Track Someone’s Location on Viber

While chatting with a person on Viber, if one wishes to know the current location or if one wishes to inform the other person of his/her current location, it is possible to do so directly through the chat window. Here’s a step-by-step guide:  

  1. Launch the Viber App: Launch Viber on your smartphone.
  2. Start a Chat Session: Go to the Chats tab and choose the contact.
Viber messages
  1. Insert an Item: Click on the plus (+) sign which is located beside the New Message field.
  2. Send Location: Choose Send Location from the menu. You will see a map with the indicator pointing at your present location.
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  1. Verify Your Location: If the map is not in the correct position, try to correct the orientation of the map.
  2. Send the Map: Press the Send button to share the map with the location 

Alternative Ways to Find Someone’s Viber Location   

Are you facing difficulty in finding someone’s Viber location? It might be possible that Viber location sharing isn’t working, or there are issues with the same. In that case, below are some other ways using which you can find someone’s location. 

Find Someone’s Viber Location Using A Phone Number

With the help of such services as MLocator, you can easily find out the whereabouts of a Viber user based on their phone number. MLocator is an efficient and reliable web-based phone number tracking application that uses GPS navigation, WiFi connection, and cell site location to track lost or stolen cell phones anywhere in the globe.  

With just the phone number, you can easily locate any iPhone or Android device with MLocator and get the real-time position of the device on the map. This service is especially useful for parents monitoring their children, employers monitoring their employees, or anyone who needs to ensure the well-being of their family members or friends.

How to use:

  1. Enter the phone number you wish to locate in the search box.
MLocator Phone number tracking
  1. Enter the email id where you want to receive the location information.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions. 
  3. Pay for the tracking service using a secure credit card payment.
MLocator payment
  1. Receive the coordinates on your email ID. 

Using Viber Tracker  

Below are some Viber tracking software that you can use to track a Viber user. 

Any Control

AnyControl is a powerful Viber tracking software that has been developed for use in parental control and monitoring. It enables users to spy on Viber messages, calls, photos, and videos from a distance. AnyControl has a simple control panel and advanced tracking features that give parents the ability to monitor their children on Viber without them realizing it.

Any Control

Some of the main benefits of this tool include the protection of children from possible online dangers by gaining full access to Viber messages and data. AnyControl meets the requirements of privacy regulations so that it can be used for responsible monitoring. 

How to use: 

  1. Create an account on AnyControl and choose a suitable plan.
  1. Install the AnyControl app on the target device.
  2. Log in to your Dashboard to start monitoring Viber activities remotely.


VBSpy is an advanced software that is specifically intended to track the location of Viber users. It offers a dependable method of tracking the movements and location history of people through Viber by leveraging the data transfer protocol. Using VBSpy, users can view current GPS data, call history, travel history, and the user’s communication records.

This tool is perfect for monitoring kids’ activities, tracking lost devices, and protecting our loved ones. VBSpy supports various operating systems such as iPhone, Android, MacOS, Windows, etc.

How to use:

  1. Create an account on the VBSpy website.
  2. Specify the Viber-registered phone number of the target account.
  1. Select and subscribe to the desired VBSpy location tracker plan according to your requirements.
device searching on VBSpy
  1. To begin tracking, log in to the Dashboard. The Dashboard includes real-time updates, travel history, and interactions through web maps integrated within the Dashboard.

Kids Tracker

KidsTracker is a multifunctional mobile tracking application designed to track your children’s activity in various social networks and instant messengers, such as Viber. Apart from the basic functions, KidsTracker has more than 35 additional options: messages received and sent, call history, attachments in Viber, etc.

This app empowers parents by providing comprehensive information and patterns for their children’s online activities. It is simple to set up and navigate, capable of syncing with multiple devices and allows parents to keep track of their children at all times.

How to use:

  1. Go to Kidstracker, navigate the Sign Up tab, and fill in your name, a working email address, and password to get registered for free.
  2. Go through the guidelines to download and install the app on your child’s device.
Kids Tracker
  1. After signing up, you will use the registered email ID to log into the dashboard and monitor your child’s activity.

One Monitar

OneMonitar is an enhanced Android tracking application that is ideal for the supervision of children or employees. It enables users to spy on Viber conversations, call history, media messages, and others. The app is very simple to download and no root access is needed in the process and the safety is guaranteed 100 percent. 

Onemonitar has the functionalities of tracking live locations, recording calls, and tapping through various social media platforms to give an all-encompassing view of the target device. Also, it has very efficient and friendly customer service which makes it a good tool for protecting your children or your employees.

How to use:

  1. Sign Up and Purchase: Go to the Onemonitar website, explore the options, and choose a proper plan. You will get your username and password once you make the purchase.
One Monitar
  1. Install the App: Download and install Onemonitar on the target device by following the installation prompts. The process takes around 5-10 minutes.
  2. Start Monitoring: Log in to the Onemonitar dashboard from any browser on your phone or PC to begin real-time monitoring of the target device.


📌Is Viber location accurate? 

The location sharing option in Viber uses GPS information as well as Wi-Fi location data to pinpoint the user’s location, which may be precise, although not highly accurate. Still, as it is accurate in most cases, the accuracy can be influenced by signal strength, settings of devices, and network conditions.

Unlike other applications that allow users to set or fake their location, Viber only uses the data from the device’s position. However, for those who still care about privacy or those who want to share some other location, some third-party tools allow them to change the location successfully.

📌Can Viber users see my phone number?  

Yes, Viber users can see your phone number under certain circumstances. If you are communicating with them or if you have a business account, then your phone number will be revealed. This is in a bid to improve both the interaction and the level of trust that users have towards the application. Furthermore, if you connect to Viber, the contacts in your address book, who already use this application, might be notified of your joining.

However, if you have not adjusted your privacy settings then your phone number is still hidden from such users. 

📌Can someone secretly track your location on Viber? 

Specifically, Viber does not have an option that lets one track someone’s location without their knowledge. However, if location sharing is enabled, your location can be shared with contacts during the conversation. However, to ensure that your privacy is well guarded, you can turn off the location feature in the app settings.

Furthermore, Viber does not offer any options for real-time identification without the user’s permission. To enhance the security of your gadget you can use third-party applications to fake your location or disable GPS services where not required. It is important to check your app permissions and privacy settings and make sure that your location data is protected. 

Wrap Up

Tracking someone’s location via Viber is useful for ensuring safety or coordinating meetups. You can share your location directly within Viber by sending a map in a chat. 

Alternatively, third-party services like MLocator, AnyControl, VBSpy, KidsTracker, and Onemonitar offer advanced tracking and monitoring features, which are particularly useful for parental control and employee supervision. 

It’s essential to use these tools responsibly and legally, respecting privacy regulations and obtaining necessary consent.  


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