GPS is well known for its navigation functionality, however, one may not notice that using various GPS-based services and apps, one can easily locate a mobile phone as well as people. So, here in this guide, we will show you how you can keep track of everything important to you.

More About the GPS Technology

GPS, as the name implies, it stands for Global Positioning System. This technology makes real-time navigation for safe and secure tracking. It provides an accurate movement and location of our loved ones. It also gives us peace of mind by securing assets like cars and bikes or even phones. With the help of GPS technology, one will be able to track a child, family members, pets, vehicles, or even locate things like assets. Therefore, GPS tracking devices and personal tracking apps make life simpler and easier for everyone.

Why Locate Things and Track People?

There are times in life when you would want to keep track of your family members or simply let them know where you are. The simplest way is to use your phone’s built-in GPS combined with Find My Phone feature (namely the Find my iPhone for iOS users, Find my Device on Android) to locate a person on a map. However, you should bear in mind that you would need the Apple ID/Google ID account to access these details.

How to Locate a Mobile Device and Track Someone’s Location?

In the event that you don’t want to share your Apple or Google ID account, you can always resort to other location tracking tools. For instance, MLocator, a web-based tracking platform for both Android and iOS allows you to see where each family member is within the online dashboard. You can choose a message template on this tool to send to your target family members’ phone numbers and access their location info on a map within seconds. The geolocation service online even lets you track someone’s location without having to install anything. Another hassle-free app you can opt for is Glympse. Notably, it is now free for Android and iOS and allows you to send a Glympse via the app along with how long the person can track you using the app.

For Your Mobile Devices

It’s also possible to locate a phone if it’s connected to your Google account, has internet access, and has its location switched on. Find My Device can show the exact position of your smartphone by default, except if you have this feature turned off in settings. It is easy to locate your phone with this built-in feature if you have a Google account. However, the downside is that Fine My Device can only tell the last known location if your phone is off.

Likewise, Apple smartphones also have a similar capability that might help you locate your iPhone. Apple, like Google, offers a simple way to locate a misplaced iPhone. You may use the Find my iPhone service to find your missing or stolen iPhone with ease.

Keep an Eye on Young and Old

As we said earlier, if you are not comfortable using mobile devices or tracking the very elderly through apps, you can take the advantage of an online GPS tracker like MLocator or Glympse to keep an eye on them. Backed by precise GPS technology, WiFi connection, and cell tower triangulation, such tools help you to find anyone’s current location at any given time and show the exact location on a map without any delay.

What About the Accuracy of the Location Coordinates Display?

Now that you know you can benefit a lot from using GPS technology in everyday life. Note that GPS on a smartphone is typically accurate to 5 meters. While MLocator geolocation service utilizes a combination of GPS, WiFi, and mobile networks to determine the exact location. It will provide you with a more accurate location of smartphones as well as people. Just come and have a nice try!


As some of the GPS trackers are integrated with your mobile application, it helps you locate lost valuables. Meanwhile, you can easily trace the location of your asset at any time. Thus the benefits of this tracking system take away all your worries. It gives you the privilege of peace of mind even during your fast-paced life! So while you are engrossed in your work, the GPS tracking tool keeps your loved ones and assets, safe and secure.


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