How to Use SIM Card Tracker to Track SIM Cards?  

A SIM card is the best way to communicate with your family, friends, and coworkers. This is because it keeps you connected to mobile networks. These SIM cards may be traced to determine someone’s position, which is useful when you are unable to find someone. 

Let’s explore how you can track your SIM card to find your lost phone or see someone’s location.  

Can You Track a SIM card? 

While it is possible to track a SIM card, it is not the SIM card that gets located. A SIM card serves the purpose of linking your mobile to the cellular network. If we follow the cell network connection, that means we follow the phone and if the SIM card is in the phone then in fact we are following the SIM card as well.

sim card

There are two main ways to achieve this:  

  • Mobile Network Provider: With authorization, your provider can use cell tower signals to locate the phone’s general area. 
  • Phone Tracking Apps: Certain apps, like Find My Device for Android and Find My iPhone, use GPS and cell network data to pinpoint your phone’s location on a map, giving you a more precise idea of where the SIM card is.

What Is a SIM Card Tracker?  

A SIM card tracker isn’t a physical device that tracks the SIM card itself. It’s an app or service that leverages the SIM card’s connection to the cellular network. These tools can indirectly track the phone’s location by tracking the cell signals. 

SIM Card Tracker

Different options depend on your needs, like installing an app for more features or using a service that works with any phone via text message. 

Best SIM Card Tracker to Track SIM Location 2024 

Tracking a SIM card’s location ensures device security and monitoring. In 2024, several advanced SIM card trackers offer precise location tracking, real-time alerts, and comprehensive monitoring features. These tools can help you monitor lost devices, monitor children or employees, and ensure safety. Here are the top SIM card trackers for 2024.


MLocator is an online GPS phone tracker that locates any device using just a phone number. It provides a reliable and strong phone number tracking solution for various uses, such as managing the workforce, finding lost mobile devices, parental control, and family monitoring. 

Using phone numbers, GPS, and IMEI information, MLocator effectively tracks devices using hybrid searching and locating technologies. It offers fast, precise results anywhere in the world with a positioning inaccuracy of no more than three meters. 

How to Track a SIM Card using MLocator

  • Step 1: On the MLocator website, enter the phone number of the target device in the search box.
GPS phone tracker
  • Step 2: MLocator begins tracking the location using GPS technology.
  • Step 3: Pay for the service via credit card to access the location details.
Pay for the service via credit card to access the location details
  • Step 4: View the device’s GPS coordinates on a map, sent via SMS and email.


Snoopza is a free Android sim card location tracker app that tracks SIM card location and phone activities. It helps monitor a device’s location using GPS and records SIM card changes. Users can track messages, calls, web history, and social media activity.  

Snoopza notifies users of any SIM card changes and provides continuous location tracking, making it useful for parents, spouses, and employers. All data is accessible online through the user’s account.

How to Track SIM Card using Snoopza

  • Step 1: Create a free account on the Snoopza website.
Snoopza website
  • Step 2: Download the SIM card location tracker from your online account and install it on the target device.
  • Step 3: Access your online control panel to track the SIM card’s location and any changes, along with other recorded information, in real time.


Spyic is a versatile monitoring app that tracks target devices’ SIM card details, location, calls, and messages.  With the help of the mobile phone tracking app, it is simple to remotely monitor, manage, and spy on targeted devices. Businesses may use the solution to spy on their employees and parents to monitor their child’s movements.

The Spyic software operates in total stealth mode to provide end-to-end surveillance and monitoring without running the danger of being discovered. 

How to Track a SIM Card using Spyic

  • Step 1: Create a Spyic account using your email ID.
Spyic website
  • Step 2: Install the sim card location tracker app Spyic on the target Android device or use iCloud credentials for an iOS device.
  • Step 3: Log in to the Spyic control panel and select the SIM Card option to see details and track locations.


    MobileSpy is a universal spying mobile app created to monitor and track SIM card details including IMEI, location, and network details. It supports all SIM cards and offers real-time GPS tracking, thus giving parents, partners and employers an opportunity to monitor their kids, partners and employees.

    The app sends updates when the SIM card changes; thus, the users are regularly informed of any modifications. It is very easy to install. MobileSpy does not involve rooting or jailbreaking a target device. The SIM card details can be obtained from a remote location and the device location may be tracked using a user-friendly control panel.

    Here’s how to track a SIM card using MobileSpy  

    Step 1: Visit the MobileSpy website and create an account by using your email ID and mobile number.


    Step 2: Download and install the MobileSpy app on the target device.

    Step 3: Log in to your MobileSpy account.

    MobileSpy account

    Step 4: Navigate to the dashboard and select the SIM Card option from the sidebar.

    Step 5: See details of SIM card with the help of an interactive map, such as IMEI number, carrier name, and location. You will also be notified if the SIM card is changed.

    Differences Between SIM Card Trackers


    $0.89 for 1-Day$49.98/1-Month. Can cancel anytimeUsers may search and obtain accurate results in a matter of seconds without downloading an app on the target device.

    The basic plan with limited features is free. For more comprehensive monitoring capabilities, users can opt for the premium plan, which typically starts at $19.95 monthly.It provides precise real-time tracking of cell phones.

    The basic plan starts at $39.99 per month. The premium plan may cost up to $49.99 per month.It offers highly accurate real-time location tracking, providing precise GPS-based coordinates and timestamps for the target device’s movements.

    The basic plan starts at $9.99 per month and can range up to $19.99 per month for premium plans.It gives accurate GPS tracking and real-time location of the target device, ensuring safety and security.


    • Can We Track a SIM Card Without a Phone? 

    You can track a SIM card without a phone by using apps such as Apple Find My (for iOS), Google Find My Device (for Android) or by entering the phone’s IMEI number. These apps are able to track a phone’s position even when it is connected to Wi-Fi. It doesn’t matter even if the SIM card is moved or replaced, mSpy, for example, will still be able to track and monitor the targeted device’s location and activities as long as the device is connected to the internet.

    • How Do You Track the SIM Card Owner’s Details? 

    To track a SIM card owner’s details, contact your mobile operator and report the loss. They can help deactivate the SIM card and may provide information if it was registered under your name. 

    When a SIM card is lost or damaged, it is typically replaced by the operator with no previous owner’s information. Mobile operators prioritize privacy and do not disclose owner details based on the SIM card number. 

    Only law enforcement or government agencies can access this information during investigations. Avoid scam websites that claim to offer SIM card owner details, as they often contain adware and viruses. Always use official channels for assistance.

    • Can I Locate My Lost SIM Card? 

    If you’ve lost your SIM card, immediately contact your service provider to report it. They can block the SIM card to prevent unauthorized use. Visit your service provider’s store to get a replacement SIM card after deactivating the lost one. If theft is suspected, file a complaint with the police. Acting promptly helps prevent misuse of your SIM card and protects you from potential identity theft.

    • Will Removing a SIM Card Stop Tracking?

    Taking off your SIM card stops monitoring through your phone, but it doesn’t stop tracking through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Like shutting off one light bulb in a room full of bulbs, it is dimmer but not completely dark. Traditional location methods are hindered by smartphones’ lack of a SIM, yet they may still be partially tracked because they continue to broadcast signals over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

    This emphasizes the necessity for all-encompassing security measures because a device remains trackable even when one tracking channel is disabled. Users can successfully reduce possible tracking hazards by being alert and implementing appropriate privacy precautions.  

    Wrap Up 

    In the case of a lost or stolen phone, using SIM card monitoring capabilities offers piece of mind. Advanced programs such as MLocator allow users to locate and monitor their devices precisely. People may protect their private data and stop illegally accessing their devices by using these cutting-edge tracking technologies and quickly reporting misplaced SIM cards to service providers. Utilize SIM card tracking to increase security and control and to be proactive and in control.


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