A common but amazing scenario in a Hollywood film is—A policeman fetches the cell phone of a criminal suspect physically and downloads a spy app for keeping an eye on every activity of him. With all evidence garnered, the policeman will arrest the target immediately.

Yes, a spy app featuring advanced tracking functionalities ranging from location tracking to instant messaging tracking can get all tough tasks done. Sound fancy and crazy? It can be surely accessible in the real life! More importantly, you can even track one’s phone location remotely, which lowers the risks of being exposed. Save this article, and you will know the trick of tracking a cell phone location remotely!

How to track someone’s phone location remotely?

Finding an excuse to get one’s cell phone or getting one’s cell phone discreetly might arouse one’s suspicion easily. Therefore, it is tempting that you should search for ways to track someone’s phone location remotely, which can avoid insidious issues. Let’s explore the effective ways together in this part!

Way 1: IMEI number tracker

Since an IMEI number can be regarded as a unique digital identity card for a cell phone, it can be used for location tracking. There exist a wide range of ways to spot the IMEI number of a mobile device. You can surely check the IMEI number without any physical touch with the target device. Just search thoroughly and find out the packaging box of the target phone, and you will know about the IMEI number. Another way for you is to fetch his cell phone physically and mark down the IMEI number. (Friendly note: You just need to have physical access to the target phone for one time, and note down the number.)

After getting the IMEI number, you are welcomed into a new world of phone tracking. Just choose a reliable IMEI number tracker online, and type in the IMEI number. Follow the instruction and get the procedure done, and then you can get access to the location information of a mobile device. This method can be extremely useful for you if you need to take precautionary measures to guard against phone theft, for the tracker can get the anti-theft function enabled.

Way 2: MLocator

Getting the IMEI number can be a bit difficult without the presence of the target cell phone, for you might be unable to find the packaging of the cell phone. Here, MLocator can be another proven way!  Only with another series of numbers can you grasp the real-time movement of a mobile device.

Supported by advanced mobile location tracking techniques, MLocator enables you to track someone’s phone location by number without any app installation. In other words, you can track down a cell phone by number by just conducting a few clicks on the web page. Neither do you need to have an app installed on your cell phone nor the target phone. All that you need to do is to provide the phone number of someone you want to trace. Check the simple four steps below, and you will get the real-time location of a mobile device without any delay:

  1. Key in the phone number of the cell phone that you want to track.
  2. Choose a subscription plan.
  3. Type in the phone number for receiving the location results.
  4. Check the message displaying the updated location information on the device.

Both tech-savvy and novice find it easy and interesting to use MLocator to reconnect with someone on the globe with just a phone number. Additionally, the professional service can let your track any mobile device on the globe without extra effort. Therefore, just join in the community and have a fairly great deal with MLocator!

Other effective ways for you to track phone location without physical touch:

You can also track phone location with a native location locator provided by Android and Apple, but they are more suitable for locating a lost phone. If you need to track someone’s phone location, knowing the account credentials can be the precondition for you. Location tracking apps launched by the service providers like Sprint, Verizon, etc can also give you a helping hand. Once you have purchased a family billing plan, you will have the capacity of tracking phone location in real time.

More to learn: Which can be the best way?

To be honest, there is no definite solution to the problem. The response can depend on numerous elements including price, actual demands, and mobile brands, etc. Before you choose a specific way, you should portray a full picture of each way beforehand. For example, what are the pros and cons of this method? Take a specific example, spy apps are versatile tools to track down the online activities of someone, but getting some tracking features activated might require rooting and jailbreaking, which means you need to lose full control of your device. Are you willing to bear the potential risks? It depends on your decision and thought.

Therefore, here is the best advice for you: choose the one that can suit your needs best!

Wrapped up:

If you are trying out ways to track real-time phone location with lower risks of identity leakage, the post will prove its potential. If you have any other great ways to share with us, just leave your thoughts below the comment bar!



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