Best 4 Free Scammer Phone Number Lookup 2024

You may wonder about getting a free scammer phone number lookup tool, especially after receiving a strange call from an unfamiliar phone number. Fortunately, there are reverse phone lookup solutions that can help you verify the legitimacy of a number. 

With vigilant tools, you can get the information you need to make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to the traps laid up by scammers. 

Here we’ll talk about how to track a scammer through phone numbers and great scammer phone number lookups that are free.

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What Is a Scammer Phone Number Lookup? 

A Scammer phone number lookup or reverse phone number lookup service starts a search using a phone number. This is quite unlike regular tools that allow you to search for someone using their name. Some such tools scan through user-contributed reports to simply answer the question – is this phone number a scammer’s own?’ Others extensively search public records, online directories, and social media platforms to find details such as the owner’s name, address, location history, and any available public mentions and records. 

Best 4 Free Scammer Phone Number Lookup 2024 

Generally, the extent of information your scammer phone number lookup free tool generates depends on the database it can access. However, you might be interested in a tool that gives you the basics or at the very least, verifies that the call or text is from a scammer or not. Here we’ll talk about free and free trial websites. 


Robokiller app won’t provide any personal details about the number that has called you. But this tool will help you determine whether or not the call was from a legitimate number. As a free scammer phone number lookup tool, Robokiller works by compiling comments and reports from other users to help you determine if they are scammers or not. One thing that makes Robokiller stand out is that it’s a multi-award winning tool and delivers on all promises. Plus, you can download its mobile apps to take advantage of creating custom block or allow lists, and pause blocking when you’re expecting vital calls. 

  • Enter the number you want to search for (don’t forget the country code) and tap the Search icon.
enter a phone number on Robokiller
  • Robokiller automatically returns details about that number. If it’s legitimate, the user reputation would be “Positive” to show that it’s not a scammer. If it’s a scammer, the user reputation would be “Negative”
tracking info on Robokiller
  • You can also scroll down the page to find more details such as comments from other users about your target phone number.
view report on Robokiller


  • A free way to check if a number calling you is a scammer
  • It comes with mobile apps for advanced allow or block settings.


  • Website contains ads
  • This tool only works in the United States. 
  • Mobile apps are not free.

True People Search

TruePeopleSearch is a great free phone search that can help you find possible owners of the phone number you’re searching for. If the number has been previously reported as spam, you’ll find the details as well. However, it’s not a completely free tool. If you want details beyond the owner’s name and address, you will pay a fee. 

Here’s how to check if a phone number is a scammer using TruePeopleSearch: 

  • Enter the number you want to search + area code and tap the search icon.
True People Search homepage
  • TruePeopleSearch returns automatically with possible contacts as well as any spam reports.
search a phone number on True People Search
  • If you want more information, click on “View Details” next to each name, and you’ll find other phone numbers and addresses associated with your search.
name search on True People Search
  • To find much more, click on the full background report, which redirects you to a paid solution. 
paid solution on True People Search

✅ Advantages

  • Free tool to find potential owner’s name and address.


  • The website contains ads. 
  • Only works for numbers in the U.S.
  • Does not always find accurate details.
  • Requires a fee to find more information. 


Although best known for its mobile apps, Truecaller also has a free website solution where you can look up any phone number. TrueCaller also depends on a database of over 374 million people in the world. So you can expect reliable results. However, if you want its additional caller ID and spam-blocking software, you can also download its mobile apps. 

Here’s how to check if a phone number is a scammer using Truecaller:

  • Go to TrueCaller phone lookup and enter the number. Make sure the country code is correct. When done, tap the Search icon.
TrueCaller homepage
  • TrueCaller automatically returns with information about the phone number. 
trace a phone on TrueCaller


  • Free tool to find potential owners of any phone number
  • Works across the world. 
  • You can report any phone number as spam on the website. 


  • Data may not always be reliable.
  • Requires you to sign up.


YellowPages has a fantastic scammer phone number lookup and database you can use. 

You can either check their database directly for reported scam numbers dating back to 2015 or you can enter the specific number and get instant access to any details YellowPages has on it.

Here’s how to check if a phone number is a scammer using Yellowpages:

  • Go to YellowPages Reverse Lookup. If the call was pretty recent and intrusive, there’s a chance it’s already listed directly on the YellowPages Reverse Lookup page. 
YellowPages homepage
  • If you can’t find it right away, scroll down to the lookup dialog box and enter the number you wish to search for and tap “search”.
search a phone number on YellowPages
  • YellowPages automatically searches and returns with information about the number. 
view info on YellowPages

✅ Advantages

  • Free tool to reverse lookup any phone number 

❌ Limitations 

  • Works mostly for Canadian phone numbers
  • The website has ads. 
  • May only find information about landlines and phone numbers used by businesses.

Benefits of Using Free Scammer Phone Number Lookup 

  • Identify scams: One of the biggest benefits of scammer phone number lookup tools is their ability to identify potential scams and fraudulent activities. You’ll love how these tools help you differentiate between valid contacts and malicious actors. 
  • Protect your information: Scammer phone number lookup solutions also help you protect your privacy and information. All you need to do is verify that caller before sharing any sensitive details. 
  • Avoid being a victim of cybercrime: These tools help enhance your security posture by helping you research and identify unknown callers. That way you can avoid falling victim to schemes like identity theft, phishing attempts and social engineering tactics. 
  • Prevent financial loss: Often most scams are done to defraud victims of money. During such calls they might ask sensitive details about your bank accounts. Or they might send malicious links via texts that might download malware onto your device. Using a free scammer phone number to validate numbers can help you avoid these costly pitfalls. 
  • Peace of mind: Knowing a call is likely a scam frees you from anxiety and protects you from high-pressure manipulative tactics usually employed by these scammers. 
  • Help create community awareness: if you’ve previously received a spam call, it’s diligent reporting such numbers through Scammer Phone Lookup tools. That way you contribute to a larger database and safeguard others. 


How can I block spam calls on my smartphone?

Your phone might have built-in features like Silence Unknown Callers (iPhone) and Caller & Spam ID (Android). Additionally, you can install a call-blocking app to filter unknown calls automatically. Alternatively, you can also block  numbers manually and register on your “Blocked Contacts” list.

How to check a scammer’s real location? 

You can check a scammer’s real location by using phone tracking websites like MLocator. MLocator works by using their phone number to quickly find the scammer’s exact location anywhere in the world with about 90% accuracy. 

What phone numbers should I not answer?

It’s important to avoid answering calls from unknown numbers, especially those with unusual prefixes or areas you don’t recognize. You can also use a scammer lookup tool to verify the legitimacy of any number.

What to do if I have answered a scammer’s phone?

If you answer a scammer’s call, hang up immediately. Do not engage or give out any information, even when you don’t consider the information sensitive enough. Next, report the number to your carrier as spam.

Wrap Up 

Scammer phone number lookup tools can help you access information that protects you from scams, fraud, and other forms of malicious activity. These tools provide access to robust databases where you can gain insights into suspicious phone numbers. Hence, they help you make the right decisions about responding to unknown calls or messages.


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